Windrose Times #5

September 15th

Hey whiskers! 🐟 As September rolls around, we have been continuing to focus heavily on our upcoming card game. Here are some updates for this month:

Team Updates

We’ve since hired BugabuuX as a copywriter and narrative designer to help in our continued world building! He is super multi-talented and has experience with creative proposals, grant applications, outreach, lore writing and copywriting for digital platforms. He’s a self proclaimed TCG nerd and Whiskers fan. He has also done theater and music! We’re so excited to have him on the team.

Interested in working with us? We are not hiring for any specific positions, but we are always open to hearing out ideas from new talent! Please send your proposal/resume/CV with a description of the role you think would be a great addition to the team to

The Whiskers Card Game

The testing that went on all of last month and this month is finished! We received plenty of positive and constructive feedback. We’re so happy to have been able to include holders in this process and to allow some to get a more in depth preview of the game, as well as just to get to interact with you guys more.

Once the cards were finalized after testing, we wasted no time in ordering samples and we’re excited to say that they have already arrived at Rico’s. They are looking sooooo good and we will be posting sneak peeks soon on our Twitter!

As we are making the final tweaks and preparing for launch in the holiday season, we are also looking ahead to the future. We have begun preliminary ideation for expansion packs that could possibly be produced to accompany and enrich our base game.

All in all, the card game is coming along swimmingly and we’re looking forward to showing you more of it – look forward to that in next month’s Windrose Times. Below are three examples of Encounter cards. These are cards that each player draws once per turn, in addition to a normal draw. They have a myriad of effects and directly affect the players and the game in all sorts of ways, not always limited to just the player who drew the Encounter!

There’s also rumors of a special edition box of the card game…what kind of goodies do you think will be included!? Here’s a sneak peek at one…

Creative Projects

We’ve been getting samples and going back and forth to make adjustments on our plushies. It’s been so much fun seeing them come to life and we are constantly improving the look of them. We’ve also received samples for apparel and are excited to reveal those soon too.

Tinkerboops has also been hard at work crafting lore for our adventures. Here are some good reads, hot off the press!


If you haven’t noticed already, we’ve changed our Twitter handle from @Whiskers_NFT to @thegreatpond and will be moving forward with it as all of our social handles. This is so we can attract whiskers far and wide to join The Great Pond, even those beyond the NFT space. It also serves as a symbol of our commitment to world building. That being said, our brand name remains as Whiskers and our logo will stay the same.

Our very own Rico and Retro also hosted a wonderful game talk to chat about the various games they loved to play growing up (Custom Robo and Pokémon were chatted about at length). We’re hoping to host more of these friendly community talks soon!

Web3 Collabs

Continuing on with collaborations, here are the amazing projects we’ve worked with in the past month:

Rico has also been busy jumping on spaces with BurritoDAO and SquadSpace to chat. Click the links to hear the recordings!

From the Old Wizard (Rico’s Updates)

Thank you all for believing in us on our journey! Whiskers is always striving to provide value to our holders and I’m so excited to get the card game out to you all.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, don’t be afraid to approach the team. We are always here to help and hear you out! ❤️

Much love,

The Whiskers Team

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