Windrose Times #7: Lore!

Hey whiskers! 🐟 November has been such a fun month for us and we hope it has been for you too. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Creative Projects

The creative team has been continuing to work on developing merch items with suppliers. We are happy to be almost finished with most of our merch items. Stay tuned on our twitter for teasers of how they’ll look! Although…we might just tease one at the end of this update…Also, have you ever been curious about what a full-body whisker really looks like? That’s a rhetorical question, but check this out:

Ever since mint day we’ve had lots of positive feedback on our minting experience. So, we’ve decided to have the experience exist forever at this link for anyone to re-experience it! Note: you don’t have to connect your wallet.

Storytelling has also been a big focus this past month for us and our wonderful Loresmiths. We’ve completed Book One of the Book of Ponds and have commenced Book Two. They can all be read on our website here. New characters and new adventures with Burt and Allard galore! Speaking of which, our latest chapter just went live! Check it out here:

Along with this, the first book taking place in the world of The Great Pond now exists! This wonderful book was written by our longtime whiskers fan-turned-loresmith, Tinkerboops! From the beginning, Tinkerboops has been exploring The Great Pond through his own imagination in writing - which is exactly what we intended The Great Pond to be for. If you’d like to show your fellow whisker some support, the book can be purchased on Amazon. We love the Tinkerboops ❤️

Last Fish! - The Whiskers Card Game

As an update on production, the games will be shipped to a warehouse in New York in the coming month as we get ready for our launch date. On the marketing side, our landing page and ads have been built and are undergoing reviews. We are also working with an agency on creating a versatile promotional animation to be used in marketing material and help catch the eyes of our target audience. The plan is to roll out marketing in the next couple weeks, which means there might be some new faces around The Great Pond’s social media and discord!

Parallel to marketing, the team is also starting to brainstorm and flesh out potential expansion packs to have ready for our launch.

Curious about the types of cards you’ll be playing with? Check out this infographic!


It’s been really fun running rounds of Last Fish! over discord with our holders and we’re so happy to be able to interact with you on a personal level. Shoutout to all the daily discorders in The Great Pond! We love hearing from you.

On our twitter, Bugabu hosted a reading space for Book One. If you prefer listening over reading, the space recording can be accessed at this link. Some of you might’ve noticed that a certain character in our lore has entered the twitter space (with some struggle). That’s right - Burt can be now found at @bigmovesburt. Get an insight into his daily life, thoughts, adventures and even secret codes for quests and prizes 👀

In the Discord

As we roll out marketing for our card game, we understand that there will be new fish who are not as well researched into Web3 as all of you are. Therefore, we will be reshuffling some of our discord to prepare a friendly experience for these new members of The Great Pond. We hope that by becoming friendly to the wider audience outside of Web3, we will be able to recruit more members into The Great Pond and expand our world further!

As you see members join in the next few months, make sure to show them that Great Pond hospitality in the discord 🤗

Team Updates

Interested in working with us? We are not hiring for any specific positions, but we are always open to hearing out ideas from new talent! Please send your proposal/resume/CV with a description of the role you think would be a great addition to the team to

From the Old Wizard (Rico’s Updates)

It’s been an amazing journey so far, and I’m so humbled to see how many of you are enjoying this world that I’ve created. I’m looking forward to creating more with you all. As always, don’t be afraid to approach the team with any questions, concerns or suggestions. We are always here to help and hear you out! Also, planning to host drawing/chatting streams more often in the Discord. Possibly working on some of these expansions with you all and happy holidays! ❤️

P.S. Here’s a sneak-peek at something…

Is that...Burt?
Is that...Burt?

Much love,

The Whiskers Team

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