Windrose Times #6
October 24th, 2022

October 24th

Hey whiskers! 🐟 Hope you’ve had a great beginning of autumn. We’ve got a lot to cover for this update:

Creative Projects

This month was really great, since we got to launch TWO creative projects that have been in the works for quite some time.

Our brand new website is finally up! We have designed a much more robust website that includes tons more information on the project and the different things we’re working on. This will serve as a hub for all things Whiskers, including our future online store, new lore releases and whatever else we deem fit. It will definitely grow as we do, so check it out! On the website, you will also find the second project, which has been something that we’ve wanted to create since day one: our interactive world map!

Complete with animations and clickable labels that reveal information about each location, this has been something that Winnie and Rico have been working hard on. We’re super proud to finally reveal it after the completion of the Adventurers’ Guild’s 3rd quest 😁

As for plushies, we are continuing to get samples from different vendors. The design process has been super interesting, making sure all the parts look just right for you! Other merch is coming soon as well.

View the full map at
View the full map at

Last Fish - The Whiskers Card Game

The card game is now in the production phase! Early copies of the game are being manufactured as we speak, as preparation for a release date and for promotional purposes.

We have been in conversations with our marketing agency to determine the best strategy of how to execute our launch. Ultimately, putting their expert opinions into great consideration, we have decided to delay the launch of the game until February. We know that you all are excited for the release of the game (as are we), which is why this decision was not made lightly. However, by delaying the release we will have more time to build up our marketing for the game and even potentially plan out a couple expansion packs to accompany it. We want to ensure that launch is as successful as possible, which is why we genuinely think that this was the right decision to make. As always, if there are any questions we are always open to discussing them in the Discord!

Lash Fish - Card previews
Lash Fish - Card previews


Congratulations to all the participants and winners in quest 3! You all did a great job and we hope you enjoy the prizes 🤩

Quest 4 has already been planned and we’re excited to roll it out in the next while. New characters, new lore and maybe even some sinister plots in the works 🤭

We are also introducing the Book of Ponds as a representation of all of the lore of The Great Pond, with the Adventurers’ Guild referring only to the quests. They will run parallel to each other, but we decided to separate how we refer to them for clarity.

As for Last Fish, we have been running games with the community. If you’re interested in joining, let us know! Anyone is welcome to join and we hope to be playing with more and more of you.

Art from quest 3
Art from quest 3

Web3 Collabs

These are some of the awesome projects we’ve worked with in the past while!

Our very own Rico also stopped by the very first SquadSpace podcast to chat about the card game, post-mint communities, and what success in the space looks like now. Click here to give it a listen!

Team Updates

We have made some team restructuring and you might have noticed that some of the amazing people who initially helped build Whiskers have moved on to pursue new ventures and other passions! We are so thankful for their contributions in creating The Great Pond that you know today. We have so much love for them and they will still be around in the discord under a new role called Pond Veterans 💌

Interested in working with us? We are not hiring for any specific positions, but we are always open to hearing out ideas from new talent! Please send your proposal/resume/CV with a description of the role you think would be a great addition to the team to

From the Old Wizard (Rico’s Updates)

Thank you all for your continued belief in our vision! As always, we are striving to provide value to our holders and I’m so excited to get the card game out to you all. Also, let’s all run some rounds of the whiskers card game over discord!

Don’t be afraid to approach the team with any questions, concerns or suggestions. We are always here to help and hear you out! ❤️

Much love,

The team of The Great Pond

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