Windrose Times #2: NFT NYC!
June 17th, 2022

June 16th, 2022

Hey Whiskers 🐟 Hope you’re having a great beginning of summer and you’ve been getting a chance to go out and touch grass. The Whiskers team has been full steam ahead working on building out all sorts of things for our game, NFTNYC, collabs, community and so much more! Here’s a little look into what we’ve been up to.

What we've been up to!
What we've been up to!

Whiskers: The Game

Starting off with - the game! Lots of brainstorming has been going on behind the scenes towards the Whiskers game and we aren’t allowed to reveal too much yet. However, with constant research and development, the game mechanics have been decided upon and we are going to start prototyping soon. We are also working on lore for the game to provide an awesome immersive experience.

Board games, card games, Whiskers!?
Board games, card games, Whiskers!?

Creative Projects

Rico, Winnie and the creative team have been hustling in the past month with tons of assets for NFTNYC and collaborations. Besides that, we have been working on a full official map of the Great Pond. This is a visual element that will be crucial for the further development of lore and will hopefully aid holders in coming up with lore of their own 📜🎨🖌️

Speaking of lore, we have completed lore for the Whiskers traits! These will soon be available for reading on our new and improved website. Yes, you heard right. Mu has been hard at work building out a website that better caters to the Whiskers’ needs post-mint. We will be rolling out the website (complete with trait lore) in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.

Art done by Winnie!
Art done by Winnie!


We’ve recently partnered with Generative Dungeon to try out a fun experience for holders to obtain allowlist spots from our collaborations. With custom lore written throughout, holders can have fun while being rewarded. Keep an eye out on our announcements for allowlist spots on our custom Generative Dungeon. If you’re interested in playing, use this link here and search for dungeon #128 (Password: Whiskers).

This is highly classified, but if you’ve been paying attention you might’ve heard whisperings of a super secret project brewing in the Great Pond tying in the community, IRL events and .. did someone say guilds? 👀

Our custom dungeon :)
Our custom dungeon :)

IRL Events

As you’ve probably heard, we’re hosting an event at NFTNYC🌆 in collaboration with Starcatchers, Vinnie Hager, Monstersuit and Sprite Club. RSVPs have already been handed out and we’re so excited to meet everyone IRL. We’ve been creating designs to deck the venue out Whiskers-style. We’ll also make sure no Whisker leaves empty handed! Look forward to awesome views, drinks and merch 😍

For those who will be in town and couldn’t snag an entry into the collaboration event, we may have something else in store for you 😉no Whisker gets left behind.

Some sneak peeks of what we have in store ~
Some sneak peeks of what we have in store ~

Web3 Collabs

This past month has been a roller coaster for collaborations, as we’ve announced tons of them. As we build out the big projects, we know it’s important to also provide immediate value to our holders 💖

  • Betwixt
  • 9tales
  • Deskheads
  • Ugly Sweaters Season 2
  • Isekai Meta
  • Tiny Astro
  • Fairy Fiends
  • House of Bandits
  • Bumble Beenz
  • Camp Cosmos
  • Cloudmachine
  • Super Space Defenders
  • Footballcritter

MustacheDave and Champanini have also been hosting Whiskers at the Round Table (a super fun Whiskers spaces for alpha and good vibes). For those who didn’t get a chance to tune in, here are some recordings:

Our wonderful founder Rico has also been making some appearances around the space. Check out his recordings below:

Collab art with Ugly Sweaters done by Winnie
Collab art with Ugly Sweaters done by Winnie

Team Updates

Want to get to know more about our team? We’re doing weekly team features on our twitter. This month, we’ve featured Iso, May and Max. Read about how they got started in Whiskers and what they do now. They all have unique experiences and maybe their story can help those interested in starting to work in Web3.

Want to join our team? We are hiring for the following roles:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Full-time developer (React/Solidity)
  • Part-time (potentially full-time) artist

If you are interested, please send your qualifications to with your CV and any additional information you deem necessary.

Rico’s Updates

I’m having a ton of fun working on the party-esque card game! We’re moving into prototyping the game after NFT NYC and it’s going to be a blast. We’ve narrowed down the mechanics to a few different sets of ideas and are going to test each one out extensively! Iteration is going to be the key here. Thanks for sticking around! I’m so excited to tease some of our first game cards and art soon too!

I am Rico, and I approve of this message.
I am Rico, and I approve of this message.

Closing Remarks

We’re so thankful to everyone who has been holding on during these market conditions and we’re so excited for what we have in store for you all. The team is looking forward to seeing your wonderful faces in NYC (and we’ll be posting tons of pictures for those who can’t make it)! As always, if you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback, feel free to let the team know in our Discord. We are always open to hearing our community out. Much thanks for your continued support and remember to take care of yourselves ❤️

Much love,

The Whiskers Team

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