Request for Builders: Build with Bonsai


  • Bonsai has become the default currency across the Lens ecosystem, and with a large holder base (10k+) we believe it’s the perfect time for builders to build Lens-native applications and accept $bonsai as a payment currency

  • We have a few ideas we’re really excited about, and we’re sharing them to inspire builders to take action

  • There will be $bonsai incentives for eligible apps to onboard users and kickstart their social economy with Bonsai. Join our telegram chat to learn more:

Why build with Bonsai?

Building with Bonsai means being part of something transformative, something new in the world of onchain social. Here’s why you should build with us:

  • Leverage the Lens social graph: Bootstrap your app with the powerful Lens social graph, ensuring a rich, connected experience from day one.

  • Open Actions for distribution: By developing an Open Action you can bring your app’s functionality directly to the social feed; or have your app exist completely within the context of a social feed!

  • Monetize with $bonsai: Integrate day-one monetization into your application through our Bonsai token, turning your innovation into income.

  • App incentives: Become eligible for Bonsai’s universal incentives, empowering you to reward your users effectively.

  • Ecosystem visibility: Enjoy a signal boost from Bonsai channels and our vibrant community, increasing your app's reach and user engagement.

What can you build?

We're looking for fresh, innovative applications that leverage the unique features of our ecosystem. Now, we know there are live applications with some features described below - and we welcome them to continue building and maybe take away some fresh ideas!

We collect a ton of content on Lens - but what’s missing is a gallery app where we can curate and share our favorite art, music, and videos. Think Pinterest - but with an onchain social graph.

Create dynamic spaces such as galleries or rooms where users can interact. Features could include live chat, live-streams, note-leaving, and bidding on items or entire rooms as bundles.

There’s also an opportunity for new monetization layers on top of collectable content

  • secondary market with royalties paid out to creators

  • curator rewards for secondary sales or facilitating tips

Onchain Storefronts

Develop a CMS-type system where users can post photos of products, receive payments through collects or open actions, and manage shipments seamlessly. Think Shopify or IG stores - but with onchain products, attribution, and referrals.

Betting App

Imagine a platform like DraftKings or Bracket where users can engage in friendly competition and place bets in a secure environment. These could be for sports, pop culture or whatever you think people would be interested in betting on.

Polymarket is the most comprehensive prediction market protocol, and an Open Action for it could simply accept $bonsai to initiate a “bet” with Polymarket’s smart contracts.

Autonomous AI Agents

Build autonomous AI agents for web3 social. Think of these as influencers that exist entirely autonomously. Leverage the ability for NFTs to hold other NFTs (such as Lens profiles) via ERC6551 and the power of generative AI for creating content. Open actions can be leveraged via Lens protocol to allow users to interact with the characters.

We love seeing the Galverse gals come to life, and firmly believe that Lens Protocol is the only social graph that can enable entire worlds & onchain economies to be created around our NFTs.

Music NFT Streaming App

Collectable music on Lens is seeing a revival! We need an app like Spinamp to enable the discovery, playback, and sharing of our favorite songs & creators.

Create a music streaming application that leverages collectable music and onchain social graphs. Allow users to stream music, create and share playlists, and choose between audio-only or video streaming for multimedia podcasts. Content lives onchain, can be collected & traded with $bonsai, and shared in the social feed seamlessly.

Gamified Open Actions

Get creative with a platform that gamifies the collection of digital items. Think outside the box to engage users in new and exciting ways. One idea might be a secret password based system where you have to enter the correct word to be eligible or an open action where you have to win some game against another user before you can collect.

Join our community chat

Interested in bringing your vision to life with Bonsai? Join the community chat and connect with the team to find out how we can support you.

Build with Bonsai! 🌳

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