Cluster3 will be making a custom stamp collection for Mail3.
September 19th, 2022

Today, Mail3 and Cluster3 have reached a strategic partnership*.*

Mail3 has had more than 30,000 users since its launch. During the growth of Mail3, to motivate people who contribute to Mail3, we have also issued a variety of e-stamps NFT, which our users like.

Mail3 e-stamps
Mail3 e-stamps

In the future, Mail3 will have a collection of Mail3 stamps for users to collect and display, and our partner Cluster3 will provide this technology.

Cluster3 will provide 20 .bit domain names and 10 Cluster3 WLs to the Mail3 community to celebrate our partnership.

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At the same time, Mail3 will also offer 1000 OAT prizes to those participating in this campaign.

Mail³ ✖️ Cluster3 Partnership OAT
Mail³ ✖️ Cluster3 Partnership OAT

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About Cluster3

Cluster3 is the #1 source for Community Contributors. Check the contribution score and ranking of 800+ communities.

Aggregating both on-chain and off-chain data, Cluster3 serves as a community achievement system for contributors, enabling community contributions to be traceable and quantifiable among contributors and organizations.

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About Mail3

Mail3 is a brand new Web3 communication protocol that enables wallet-to-wallet communication and wallet-to-contract communication for projects and community members with boundless possibility and forward compatibility.

Mail3 provides a wallet as the identity; once the user connects to the wallet, the email address can be automatically generated with wallet address and domain names, such as or

It uses blockchain-based account and decentralized service guarantees security, privacy, and self-sovereign. Supports all blockchain support.

Mail3 aims to be the infrastructure for web3 communication and the platform for valuable information such as relationships, reputation, and trust.

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