Introducing Web3 Subscription of Mail3
November 7th, 2022

Today, Mail3 is excited to announce the launch of the web3 subscription.

About Web3 Subscription

Web3 subscription builds a communication channel between Web3 projects and communities powered by Mail3.

Web3 users can subscribe to the projects through Mail3's subscription, such as Token price fluctuation alerts, Bond expiration alerts, NFT bids or offers, Project Updates, and Promotions. etc.

Web3 notification scenarios
Web3 notification scenarios

Why Email subscription NGMI

For Web3 users, there are unaccepted trade-offs:

  1. Web3 natives don't want to share their private information

  2. You can hardly get rid of spam when the email address leaks

  3. Email is not linked to the wallet

How Web3 Subscription GMI

Mail3 uses a crypto wallet to authenticate users instead of a password, once the user connects to the wallet, the email address can be automatically generated with wallet address and domain names, such as and

If the wallet address leaks, they can filter spam and phishing emails through DID, and also can use these services by changing their wallet address, which is very easy for users with zero cost.

In addition, Mail3 will provide marketing tools Subscribe To Earn to help web3 projects motivate users to subscribe.

Currently, Mail3 is integrated with many Web3 task platforms, including Galxe and Quest3, In addition, Mail3 will provide marketing tools Subscribe To Earn to help the project motivate users to subscribe, and the project can set NFT\OAT\Token rewards to motivate users to subscribe.

How Web3 Subscription works
How Web3 Subscription works

Any Web3 project can compose with the Subscribe Button Code and integrate into a Web3 product or service.

With a simple integration, the Subscribe button will appear where you want it to appear, it's that simple.

Subscribe Button Code
Subscribe Button Code

Any user who clicks the Subscribe button on your Mail3 Profile Page or product service will become your subscriber and will receive an automated email with your NFT/OAT rewards and, more importantly, you will be able to accurately push your latest information to users through Mail3.

At the same time, we’ll initially help the project with marketing campaigns in Mail3 email advertising booths, Twitter, and Discord communities.

SubDID works with Web3 Subscription (Coming soon)

In the future, Web3 Subscription will be combined with SubDID to provide a better web3 subscription service to creators and users.

For users, when a user subscribes to a creator (e.g. mail3er.bit), the user gets a SubDID (e.g. jack.mail3er.bit) in addition to the OAT/NFT, which establishes a connection between the creator and the reader.

For the creator, SubDID provides a tool to manage readers, and creators can set an annual fee for SubDID, thus generating revenue for the creator.




Web3 Subscription campaign

To celebrate the launch of the Web3 Subscription feature, we have released 2 campaigns on Galxe to allow users to experience Web3 Subscription.

Web3 Subscription campaign
Web3 Subscription campaign

How to participate in this campaign?

1. Subscribe To Earn

1️⃣ Visit 🔗

2️⃣ Click the “Subscribe” button

3️⃣ Claim the Web3 Subscription NFT 🎁 in your Mail3 Inbox

Web3 Subscription NFT holders will receive an airdrop of subdomains within 2 weeks.

for example, Jack is the first Claim NFT TokenID:1, and it will receive the airdrop of subdomain 1.mail3er.bit within 2 weeks.

2. Retweet to win a custom subdomain

Retweet and we will select 20 users who will receive a custom subdomain, such as jacky.mail3er.bit.

About Mail3

Mail3 is a decentralized mailbox that supports ENS, and Dotbit. When a user connects wallet, the user’s DID identity is recognized automatically. For example, users’ email addresses could be or In the future, Mail3 will support .bnb\Unstoppablem and expand more partnerships to use Mail3 as the primary mailbox in Web3.

As of Oct 31, 2022, Mail3 has more than 40,000 DID users, including 29,000+ ENS users and 7,000+ Dotbit users 4000+ UD users.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Github

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