Zilliqa is Now Supported on Mail3
August 15th, 2022

Today, Mail3 is pleased to announce the partnership with Zilliqa.

Zilliqa is the first non-EVM blockchain supported by Mail3 and users can use Mail3 with ZilPay wallet now!

In the future, more dApps in the Zilliqa ecosystem will integrate with Mail3. Mail3 will create a secure and usable privacy scheme within the Zilliqa ecosystem, allowing users to communicate from address to address and to effectively connect and communicate freely with each other.

More upcoming in-depth cooperation will be updated in our official announcement.

About Zilliqa

Zilliqa provides highly-performant, scalable, and secure blockchain solutions for enterprises and decentralised applications. Founded in 2017, Zilliqa was developed by a team of global business and industry experts, experienced scientists, leading engineers.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Github

About Mail3

Mail3 is a brand new Web3 communication protocol that enables wallet-to-wallet communication and wallet-to-contract communication for projects and community members with boundless possibility and forward compatibility.

It uses blockchain-based account and decentralized service guarantees security, privacy, and self-sovereign. supports all blockchain support.

Mail3 provides wallet as the identity, once the user connects the wallet, the email address can be automatically generated with wallet address and domain names, such as zil012345@mail3.me and alice.zil@mail.me.

Mail3 aims to be the infrastructure for web3 communication and the platform for valuable information such as relationships, reputation, and trust.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Github

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