Mail3 DAO First Governance Proposal
September 26th, 2022

We’re excited to announce that Mail3 will move to the next stage on October 1, 2022. By that time, we will sunset the Mail3 Beta, remove the entrance restriction, and everyone can use Mail3.

About Mail3

Mail3 is a decentralized mailbox that supports ENS, and Dotbit. When a user connects wallet, the user’s DID identity is recognized automatically. For example, users’ email addresses could be or In the future, Mail3 will support .bnb\Unstoppablem and expand more partnerships to use Mail3 as the primary mailbox in Web3.

What’s happened so far

As of September 30, 2022, Mail3 has more than 30,000 DID users, include 29,000+ ENS users and 7,000+ Dotbit users. Mail3 has established cooperation relationships with 28 web3 partners, including CyberConnect and Galxe.

Mail3 has been listed on Gitcoin Round 14 and 15. We received ~$15000 donations from 8000+ independent addresses.

What’s next

Mail3 will embark on the road of DAO governance on October 1, 2022.

First, we will initiate a vote at Snapshot on whether to use the fund to promote future marketing.

Vote for [MDP-01] proposal

Reference Link: Click here

Each donation address can vote once and receive Mail3 Gitcoin funding governance NFT.

Claim NFT

Mail3 Gitcoin funding governance NFT
Mail3 Gitcoin funding governance NFT

Reference Link: Click here

If the proposal gets approved, we will release a series of marketing plans, and the holder of the Mail3 governance NFT can participate in voting.

Second, after each vote on the marketing plan, the participating address will receive an OAT as a credential. In the future, OAT holders can synthesize multiple OATs to a Mail3 contribution NFT.



1. Is it true that if I miss the donation, I can't participate in community governance in the future?

This time the governance is about Gitcoin donation funds, so only donors can participate.

Our community will have more activities in the future, and there will be following governances, and the requirements vary each time.

2. After the DAO governance is opened, will Token be issued?

Mail3 is still in its early stage, and the first DAO governance is just an experiment. We're always trying to find a better way so that we won't be issuing a token anytime soon, at least not yet.

3. What are the updates after sunsetting the Mail3 beta?

The most exciting update is that we removed the registration restriction. Mail3 is available to everyone!

However, users who do not hold one of the supported domains could not send emails.

As an email address, the blockchain address is too long. It would lead to poor readability and a potential spam problem, a long email address could be recognized as a spam address by traditional email services like Gmail and Outlook.

Hence, users who do not hold one of the supported domains could receive emails now.

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