Announcing Mail3 me button - a permissionless, decentralized communication widget for all web3 Dapps

After the launch of Mail3 beta version two weeks ago, we're excited to announce that the new component to all the web3 developers-Mail3 me buttonYou can now embed decentralized communication features for your own product with just a 2-line code! 100% open-source and permissionless.

Github and guide👇

Composability is a core tenet of web3

Communication is a necessary part for all kinds of Protocols or dAPPs.

  • The dAPP needs to notify its users that the new feature has shipped
  • The NFT buyer wants to query NFT actual price from the owner, instead of OpenSea price
  • The follower wants to talk with the content creator from the

As web3 user, we all want to communicate with each other without any restriction. But it is not easy for every web3 platform to build its own decentralized communication tool.

We believe in that composability is a core tenet of web3. We believe in that Mail3 dAPP will work as a unified and decentralized inbox that every dAPP can integrate with. We couldn’t be more thrilled to deliver Mail3 me button as the composable component of web3 communication.

Get started with mail3 me button

“mail3-me-button‘’ is a Web Component with several built-in attributes. Usage guide can be found in mail3-me-button.

Various styles and themes are free to choose
Various styles and themes are free to choose

In first version of Mail3 me button, after clicking the button the mail3 dAPP will open for user to check and write messages.

💡 The next version of the mail3 me button is developing: click the button, a popup window will show on the current page, and the user could check and write emails in this popup without leaving the current application in the whole process

Next Version
Next Version

In here, I’ll specially note that mail3-me-button is a polymorphic button

  • when to(string) email address is provided
    • If there are unread emails between this address and the currently logged-in wallet address in Mail3 app, the widget displays the number of unread messages between them and once click the button, users will head to mail3 inbox to check the unread emails.
    • If there are no unread emails between them, the widget displays “mail3 me” and once click the button, users will head to the page for writing emails to to(string) email address
  • when to(string) email address is not provided
    • If there are unread emails in user’s Mail3 inbox, it displays the number of all unread messages, once click the button, users will head to mail3 inbox
    • If there are no unread in user’s Mail3 inbox, the widget displays “mail3 me” and once click the button, users will head to the page for writing emails.
polymorphic button
polymorphic button

Where to Use Mail3 me button

1. Website Notification/Contact us

Set the project's official email address as to(string) attribute. And you can sent notification via mail3. If there are unread notification, the button will remind and redirect user to check inbox; If there are not, user can mail to project's official email directly by click the button.

Mail3 official website
Mail3 official website

2. Personal Blog

Set your own email address as to(string) attribute and others can communicate with you right now!

Vitalik blog
Vitalik blog

3. NFT marketplace

Users can ask the price of unlisted NFT or communicate with the NFT collector


4. Social Platform

Add mail3 me button on user’s profile page. Users can communicate with each other via Mail3.

Demo Link:

Mail3 user profile
Mail3 user profile

5. Web3 Content Platform

Audience can easily communicate with content creators


Join our community

If you are any question or feedback about the integration of Mail3 me button, don’t hesitate to chat with us, there will be devs in Mail3 Discord.

Don’t forget to @mail3dao on twitter while using Mail3 me button. Our offical Twitter will share your use case with the Mail3 community!

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