Some Story About The New Drop “Court Gate” on Foundation

The Latest and Why Special

Recently I dropped the newest NFT in Mamatism & Friends collection on the Foundation.

Mamatism & Friends is A New Collection on Foundation
Mamatism & Friends is A New Collection on Foundation

Actually, this is a new collection, which later will be a collection for all collaborations art with my friends, and for the latest project, I’m going to collaborate with a very talented musician/DJ, his name is Agent No2.

When I heard for the first time, this is very interesting and I loved it.

What I can say, I loved the sample, the beats and the taste of music, unique.

Btw, check his music on Mixcloud. 👇🏻

So, who is Agent No.2?

“Agent No.2 is a carbon-based organic life form labor under the illusion of having a self. Internet-born club sound converse through surgical beats and diverse spectrum of frequencies.”

Agent No.2
Agent No.2

I really can’t wait to work, because this is the first time I will make an NFT collaboration with a musician.

Can’t wait for the result as well.

We both starting to work, collect some sample, reference, idea.

One Week Later

he sent me a sample on email and describes the music he sent.

“is about the sound of brain anomaly, both thrilling and fascinating, staticky crackles, chaotic waves, always changing.”

- Agent No.2

The first time I heard the sample music, I began to wondering and thinking about a gate that brings out the contents of thoughts, ideas or memories about anything to become an imagination, no matter who he is.

As if to be a place where we can venture deep into those thoughts inside. Inside the Court Gate is where everyone has the same opportunity.

No matter who is he rich people, poor people, smart people or stupid people.

We all have that ability, the ability to imagine. And the place of imagination is known as the “Court Gate”.

So when I was thinking about this concept, I just recalled a quote by Frank McCourt, he said;

“You might be poor, your shoes might be broken, but your mind is a palace.”

- Frank McCourt

and here’s the result of “Court Gate”.

Check this out. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 (turn on the sound)

That’s the Court Gate.

The NFT art my collaboration with Agent No2.

available on Foundation 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

That are a few stories about my collaboration with Agent No.2

I hope you like it. Thank you.

- Mamatism

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