All about NFT PFP project "Sacred Citizen"

Hi everyone

I’ll explain more about my PFP project, “Sacred Citizen”.

I will talk about the Rarity, the utilities, and Drop for the Third Batch.

What is Sacred Citizen?

Sacred Citizen is my PFP project. For your information, I never consider the PFP as a project.

PFP Project
PFP Project

I know PFP project like Crypto Punk, Bored Apes Yacht Club, Doodles, Azuki, Deadfellas, but never thinking about that and never interest in a kind of PFP project before.

After working a lot of editions of artwork, I just realised that I always draw on a big canvas, big resolution. My style put a lot of details and one of them is the character. I always draw droids and sometimes lions and just wondering how every character shows up as a PFP.

NB: Check out my artwork on Opensea 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

That’s the idea come from.

As you know, usually a PFP project is always associated with an image that generates by computer, but unfortunately I do it manually.

Because I can not code, and when I started the PFP project, I don’t know about Manifold yet.

By the way shout out to Manifold team, you doing a great job and solved the problem.

I know Sacred Citizen is not generated, but the benefit of doing manually is I have the freedom to create illustration without boundaries.

How about Rarity??

In Sacred Citizen, I divide rarity into 5 levels

Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare.


Common is come up with common properties, sometimes with the same shape with distinct colour and the quantity would be about 40% of a rarity.


Uncommon is about 30% of rarity with some occasion


Rare is about 20% of rarity and would be more different in certain properties

Super Rare
Super Rare

Super Rare is only about 10% of rarity and absolutely different

and the last Ultra Rare is about less than 1% of rarity with special treatment like animation.

How about utilities?

This is the latest utilities of Sacred Citizen

  1. The holder or the next holder automatically will get 1 piece AirDrop* of the collection “Sacred Parts” 1/1 (DM to request an AirDrop) In order to get AirDrop you have to DM and request for AirDrop

  2. Eligible to join raffle for AirDrop* from the collection “Sacred Parts” 1/1 every month (The raffle will be held on the discord, I’ll put the link below for invitation to discord )

  3. The holder or the previous holder can request for private sales 1/1 or edition artwork of Mamatism ( and will be raffle if request over one account)

Sacred Parts
Sacred Parts

That’s the latest utilities for Sacred Citizen and I will update the utilities with other gamification in the future 😁

Especially in the long run, I have a plan involves Sacred Citizen and Sacred Parts. Stay tune!

That’s the utilities and now Sacred Citizen just released the Third Batch

Check the PFP Sacred Citizen collection here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


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