Three Major Events Preserved on the POAP Protocol
August 15th, 2022

Since the inception of the POAP project, numerous significant events have occurred in the world. Due to the nature of the POAP protocol which creates digital badges, known as POAPs, via the use of the blockchain technology, various important events related to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have been preserved on the POAP protocol. This short article presents three of the most important events of the recent years recorded on the POAP protocol, but are not necessarily related to the blockchain technology.

1) James Webb Space Telescope Launch - Live Viewer - Dec 24, 2021

The James Webb Telescope not only enables astronomers to record the farthest parts of the universe, it also makes it possible to have a look at the past. Astronomers hope that using the images recorded by the James Webb Telescope they will be able to find out the secrets of the origin of the universe via observing the first stars and galaxies in the world.

The event on the POAP protocol was recorded on December 24, 2021. The recent images recorded by the telescope further proves the importance of the event. For example, the left photo is the closest image of the "Big Bang" or the beginning of time and space, which began 13.8 billion years ago. That the human is able to look into the past using The James Webb Telescope shows the power of the human and the science as well as the significance of the event.

Left) Deepest Infrared Image of Universe by NASA’s Webb. Right) The James Webb Space Telescope Launch POAP
Left) Deepest Infrared Image of Universe by NASA’s Webb. Right) The James Webb Space Telescope Launch POAP

2) 1st COVID-19 Vaccine

Everyone agrees that one of the most important events of the recent years has been the COVID-19 pandemic which has resulted in a considerable loss of human life worldwide and has caused a global and unprecedented economic and social disruptions. In this regard, the completion of the 1st COVID-19 Vaccine is significant, i.e., the milestone which has gradually helped the world return to the normal state. This important event has been recorded via the following POAP.

1st COVID-19 Vaccine POAP
1st COVID-19 Vaccine POAP

3) ConstitutionDAO Contributor

The POAP was awarded to those who contributed towards ConstitutionDAO's mission, i.e., to purchase one of the original copies of the US constitution. Even though they finally lost the bid, it was a great practice to show the power of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to organize thousands of people from all over the world and to collect millions of dollars in a short time towards a common goal.

ConstitutionDAO Contributor POAP
ConstitutionDAO Contributor POAP

Everyday, various events are recorded on the blockchain via the POAP protocol and apart from preserving the important events, POAP has also been a great tool towards onboarding new users to the cryptocurrency space.

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