PolygonLow Project

Recently, "metaverse" has become a buzzword.

I would like to be involved in the metaverse because it is very hard for me to create one. In particular, an open metaverse that combines open web standards such as WebXR with dWeb (Web3) distributed infrastructure in OSS and EtoEE, and an interoperable open metaverse built with NFT that allows users to own apps and virtual objects is ideal.

From the very beginning, I bought land in Decentraland and put up buildings to test it as soon as it became available. Also, when I found out that CryptoArtist was opening a gallery in Cryptovoxels, I bought a plot of land and tried it out.

There I created a character that could be used in the metaverse. Since an open metaverse is ideal, I started with a low-poly design inspired by the box characters.

Here's what I minted as NFT.

I would like to start with 16 and gradually increase the number.

NFT Owner's Special

As a bonus for the owners of each NFT, you can get the AR Viewer URL from lock.chocomint.app or Discord in the overview section.Once you access it, you can download the 3D data in .glb, vrm, and vox as well as the markerless AR Viewer.You can start AR Viewer by clicking the button at the bottom right of the screen.

AR Viewer

This one, PolygonLow#1, is up for auction, so please place your bids!

Placement in open metaverse

This is what it looks like to place a working .glb in Decentraland and a .vox NPC in Cryptovoxels. Like the tweet below! I'd appreciate it if you could spread the word by retweeting the tweet below.

This is what it looked like when I placed a working .glb NPC in the Webarverse.

All .glb NPCs that work on Substrata are placed.

Use as an avatar in VRM format

You can use a vrm file as an avatar.
I was able to use VRMs as avatars as NFTs in the Webarverse, but it seems to be undergoing a revamp now, so I'm keeping an eye on it in anticipation.



You can use a vrm file as an avatar in VRM format.▼VRoid hub

VRoid hub
VRoid hub





It can be used in VRM-enabled metaverse and games such as






We are planning to create a wearable for Decentraland in the future, but are putting it off because of the high application fee. I may make a golem.

▼PolygonLow#1 DCL Wearables Test

I'm already preparing for this, but since it costs 500 mana per item to make a wearable for Decentraland, I'd like to use the money to make the wearable once the above NFT is sold and I make some money.

If the NFTs are sold, I would like to be able to pay for the creation of the wearable. If the application is denied because the joints are not connected, the wearable may be worn on a human body.

I am also planning to create Wearables for Cryptovoxels.

▼PolygonLow Wearbles

In the future

I'd like to collaborate with artists to make clothes using their art, or buy more land in Decentraland to build bigger buildings and attractions, and put more PolygonLow NPCs on it, or discuss with PolygonLow owners and others in Discord. I think it would be great if we could challenge ourselves.

▼PolygonLow site is here.

If you would like to buy such a PolygonLow skin design, please post it in the Order channel on Discord below.

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