Matchbox DAO: First Steps
February 11th, 2022

First of all - thank you so much for the immense amount of interest and excitement you have shown us. It really feels like we can build something special together!

This post will attempt to lay out a rough roadmap moving forward so we can keep the momentum going.

As of today, 12 people have filled out their Core Contributor applications. All of them have been accepted and you now have the Core Contributor role in Discord. Hooray!

As we mentioned, there are 20 slots total (for now), so there is space for 8 more applicants. We’d love to see them fill up - don’t be hesitant to join! If you haven’t applied yet and are interested in becoming a core contributor you can find the application form here:

To help create some structure and clarity, two additional questions have been added at the bottom of the core contributor application. The first question asks for your top interests in the blockchain gaming space with regards to tooling (random numbers, ZK tooling, auction house, etc.). The second is to gather interest in writing content pieces surrounding this tooling. If you have already applied, we kindly ask you take a few minutes and provide some additional detail around what you are interested in working on. If you are a new applicant, just fill out the form as is.

There are lots of different people with lots of different interests and skill sets involved, so in order to gauge where everyone stands, we thought it would be very beneficial to ask our newly appointed Core Contributors (but also everyone else) what they think is the most important thing that they want to see built first.

Once we have the results on that, we can start by writing short introductions and technical specifications for every mentioned topic. That way, people can gain an overview over all the topics involved and rally around common interests. Over the coming 1-2 weeks, the focus will be on producing this introductory content and organizing the different working groups.

We have created this Mirror for Matchbox DAO where all produced content can be published and shared.

We have also created a Github: that currently contains a shell for a front end website with relevant information and links. The website is tied to the ENS of matchboxdao.eth (yay!). Over time, the hope is the github will become a go to spot for on-chain gaming tooling and libraries.

We’ve also created a few Airtables for coordination. The first is meant to be a repository of information for different gaming mechanics. This can be accessed here:

Feel free to drop any github repos, articles, etc. containing information related to any of the listed mechanics or in the general tab. As Matchbox develops, our hope is it will grow into a treasure trove of resources for blockchain game developers.

Thanks again and we look forward to building the future of blockchain gaming with everyone!

All relevant links for Matchbox can be found in the linktree:

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