As the world becomes more digitized and fast-paced, which by all means is very exciting, it makes tangible and meaningful items harder to find and easier to appreciate. After learning about blockchain technology and music NFTs last year, I was immediately hooked on both the tech and culture of it all. The idea of artists owning their own work that had seemed like a pipe dream was suddenly a very tangible reality. The thriving web3 community that comes with it is the cherry on top. Artists of all mediums having the tools to turn their art into digital collectibles and directly connect with and reward the people that want to supoport them. But how do we turn all of this into a unique and exciting experience for fans? The more I learned about use cases of this amazing tech I found the voice in the back of my head longing to give my supporters a more tangible reward for participating in this music NFT journey with me. Reflecting led me to realizing I had a passion for thrifting and sustainable fashion that I had never previously shared with my audience. I wanted to somehow find a way to combine my passion for music, blockchain technology, and thrifting.

I started my experiment by releasing my first ever music NFT “Say It”on Zora. With the reward being that one collector would receive the '“golden egg” token at random which means they would be receiving an exclusive 1/1 item. Traditionally this is a digital asset, but I decided to award the winner with my first thrifted and painted Jacket 0001 (pictured above). I was so pleasantly surprised by the response and started looking at everything I was thrifting through a new lens. I started subconsciously applying terminology related to Art NFTs and the blockchain to things I was creating.

Looking at customizing thrifted jackets as a true “one of one" item, like a rare NFT. The odds of you finding an item that you like and also fits, makes me consider thrifting a “gamified” experience.

I had the (probably bad but oh well) habit of going thrifting 2 or 3 times a week so I already had plenty of thrifted jackets that were paintable. Months of combing through goodwill bins and unnamed thrift stores had suddenly been so worth it. I did my research, bought art supplies I had never heard of before and began to paint them. Experimenting with color mixing and drastically changing the style of each jacket. Not only was I learning a new art form, It has positioned me to build a new place for these art pieces to live. I knew I wanted to make sure the next golden egg winner would still receive something unique. So with my most recent release “Nice” the golden egg winner will be awarded a 1 on 1 call with me to design a custom piece, this is first of my projects to have this as a reward. You can collect Nice here :)

Suddenly my thrifted clothing brand Mavi Taylored had been born!

With my goal of creating a unique digital experience and expanding the line of my thrifted and painted clothing, I have partnered with Enso Collective, which is being built on my favorite new social platform Lens Protocol, to create a digital twin in the form of an NFT for each item. Meaning that the purchase of the physical item also gives the buyer a digital copy in their wallet, some call this a “phygital” item. This partnership between me and ENSO x Dispatch went live at their NFT NYC pop up shop in April 11 -13th and was one of the most unexpectedly beautiful experiences I’ve had so far in the web3 space. The attention to detail. The kindness of both teams of people. The food. The joy. The art. The innovation. This project and its unpredicted success has ignited a true fire in me to keep connecting with my supporters authentically and bringing music and second hand fashion to the blockchain.

I am so excited to have the magic of blockchain technology available to help me expand on how we view unique digital experiences with our art and to keep adding value into the Web3 space that I have come to love so much.

You can view the items from the popup shop here and you can collect this post to be allow listed for all future drops.

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