🍭 Maximize Risk Ventures Invests in Lollipop

Website: http://Lollipop.is

We met Hirbod through our ex girlfriend, and became fast friends. He grew up in Iran, and became attracted to the excitement and innovation in California. We routinely enjoy going out and talking about the future. One night after copious amounts of margaritas he told us he was working on a startup. Things only got more interesting from there!

Hirbod: So if you were to meet a mermaid, would you rather meet a mermaid with a top mermaid and bottom human or a top human with bottom mermaid?

MaxRisk: What?

Hirbod: Yeah.

MaxRisk: That’s the best question I’ve ever heard.

Hirbod: You know it.

MaxRisk: Ok so give me your one liner!

Hirbod: Hello I’m Hirbod I’m a passionate serial tech entrepreneur I love to solve tech company problems…

MaxRisk: No the one liner for your company!

Hirbod: Ah! OK yes. Lollipop is a social NFT application that lets anyone interact with NFTs

MaxRisk: I love it, we can’t stand bad UX

Hirbod: Yeah make it easy!

MaxRisk: Ok so how are you maximizing risk?

Hirbod: As of now, NFTs are 2% of the 2 trillion dollars crypto market, but we believe in 10 years NFTs will be 60-70% of the crypto market share. NFTs will be the gateway to the metaverse. We believe it’s going to be that massive.

MaxRisk: 🤯

Hirbod: Do you need to know HTML to use google? No! You open search engine and Google pops up it’s so simple. NFTs need to be the same way, and today they are not.

MaxRisk: Ok so if it works, how are you going to change the world?

Hirbod: NFTs will change the world by making it a safer and more open place. NFTs by nature are very social and community-driven and there should be a community for almost anything you are into. Belonging is a core nature of human beings, and NFTs are going to make you connected to your community even more.

MaxRisk: Wow thanks for that Hirbod!

Hirbod: Cheers!

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