We’ve known Eric Yoon for many years now. He is famous here in California for founding the Korean Cable Channels and K-pop On Demand , then creating the definitive E-Sports Television Network, ESTV. 

ESTV has proceeded to be the largest esports game streaming network on earth, with 4 channels: Esports, Racing, Collegiate Esports and High School Esports. With it, ESTV has become the largest drone racing media network to date, hosting the Drone Champions League! Drone racing is something we at MaxRisk are very passionate about.

Eric Yoon would often call us up with a crazy idea, or send us messages at 5 am. His work ethic is something we aspire to. Eric’s focus on perfection is so insane that he has one of the fastest internet connections in LA, putting content delivery providers (CDNs) head to head, competing to create the best experience for his streaming users. There will be no video buffering in the Yooniverse. Eric is always moving, fast paced, mach 20 kind of guy.  

Due to his “Always hustling mentality,” Eric is one of our favorite people to talk to. We would even get selfies from our model friends, hanging out at Eric’s office. 

We are honored to be the first money into his latest round. Here’s how the conversation proceeded: 

(edited for brevity and comedy) 

MaxRisk: Share with us your one liner.
Yoon: 24/7 leader in esports!

MaxRisk: How are you maximizing risk?

Yoon: We have our content spread across many baskets, with over 4 channels and many different kinds of users. This makes us well positioned for the future ... 

MaxRisk: Hey come on Eric, that’s Minimizing Risk! We want to hear how you’re Maximizing Risk! 

Yoon: [laughs] I maximize risk by taking more risk. Without risk, we cannot change the world. Humans tend to  do the same thing over and over without  changes or taking risks  . But without a risk, we won’t be able to change!!!

MaxRisk: If it works out, how will you change the world?

Yoon: Taking risks is to change the world! ESTV will change how we consume content by making it free. ESTV will disrupt the media entertainment space by providing a blockchain technology backed platform.

MaxRisk: You have “play to earn”, and now you want to create “watch to earn!”. You want to be the first blockchain backed media empire? 

Yoon: Right, and I want to change the model of how we consume media. It should be free, the opposite of Netflix. A great example is K-pop, remember Psy? He opened up all the IP, and was the first to do this. If you lock in the IP, you have to get approval and pay for the license. When you open it up people go crazy. That’s how you create the brand. And a brand is the most important thing for a company. When you say K-pop you think Psy. When you think of eSports it should be ESTV. 

MaxRisk: So you want to use blockchain and alternative monetization methods like “Watch to earn” to create free content and get rid of ads?

Yoon: Exactly! 

MaxRisk: An Ad free future is one we stand behind! BTW: When are we doing our drone race ? Like in subway tunnels then in between buildings!? 

Yoon: Yeah that will be cool! We did one on the Great Wall of China. Here’s the link: 

MaxRisk: Insane well thanks again Eric!

Yoon: Always! We’re excited to Maximize Risk 


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