The Web3 Digital Fashion Directory: Connecting the most innovative minds in the industry

Your Go-To Directory for Web3 Digital Fashion Expertise, because the more we can do to showcase the talents and expertise in our community, the faster we will all benefit from the stability many expect the mass adoption of web3 can provide.

As we continue to expand the Web3 Digital Fashion Directory, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce some of the industry's most influential and innovative players to our digital fashion community. These are the people who, through our conversations and their consistent presence, stand out as kind supporters, thought leaders and trusted resources for advice, encouragement, information and opportunity.

In an effort to put these standout individuals and brands at the forefront, I am pleased to invite them to be included in our dynamic directory that I have envisioned and at present am piloting.

First impressions are crucial, and the more we can do to showcase the talents and expertise in our community, the faster we will all benefit from the stability and mass adoption that web3 can provide.

Our Web3 Digital Fashion Directory is more than just a list of names and contact information. It is a living historical document, highlighting the superpowers and offerings of each person or brand in a meaningful way. It is a resource that we in the industry can turn to when seeking out valuable connections or in need of expertise. It is also a way for us to connect with each other and diversify our outlets for staying connected in the fast-moving world of digital fashion.

Including but not limited to digital fashion designers, digital fashion writers, digital fashion marketplace builders, digital fashion community managers, digital fashion thought-leaders, web3 journalists, metaverse showrunners, digital fashion and apparel product managers, digital jewelry designers, augmented reality, mixed reality innovators of phygital fashion accessories, artists working in 4D, Blender and Unreal Engine…

To note your interest in joining the Web3 Digital Fashion Directory, get the ball rolling via this form: Following the successful submission of your form, you’ll receive a follow up from me with more details about the format of the directory and will make the first version available as it begins to take shape.

Let's work together to showcase the talents and resources of our community, and make a positive global impact in the digital fashion world.

Editor, Web3 Digital Fashion Directory

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For Web3 Digital Fashion Directory Prospective Contributors

What to expect

After you fill out the form, you’ll receive information about the project’s format and more ways to get involved. Set your reminder for the Inaugural Web3 Digital Fashion Twitter Space, here.

Got questions?

January 31st, 10:30AM Pacific Time, on Twiter spaces, join the Editor of the Web3 Digital Fashion Directory—that’s me, Maxximillian.eth—on #twitterspaces where I’m [happy to answer questions about my vision for the Web3 Digital Fashion Directory](https://The Web3 Digital Fashion Directory: Connecting the most innovative minds in the industry), and give use cases of how joining this movement will connect and elevate each and all of us.

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