A Web3 Journey - Pt. 3

The New Internet Experience

Once you see Web3 and DAOs, you can’t unsee them. 

Web3 and DAOs make me excited and curious about playing with technology again. 

I remember two times I’ve felt this excited about technological change. First, when my parents brought home my computer. Second, the beginning of the internet (getting that AOL disk in my mailbox!). Now - Web3.  My brain is on fire with the “art of the possible,” and I can’t stop learning.

I’ll forever have the bug: I understand the potential to unlock humanistic ways of working and how value should be given to value creators, not intermediaries...

Hate to make the cliche analogy - but it’s the blue pill or the red pill.

So what will I do with this knowledge?

I’ve decided to keep learning and keep finding DAOs where I can contribute in areas that align with my passions. (This essay is one of them).

Ways of organizing and working in DAOs, coupled with the utility of tokens and the change in values and mindset of the workforce during the last two years of a pandemic, have made the future of work ripe for disruption.  

The words of Fredric Laloux in his book Reinventing Organizations came rushing back to me when I found my first DAO.

  • “Humanity evolves not continuously, but by sudden leaps.”
  • “Every stage has brought a breakthrough in terms of technology and the means of subsistence, the power structures that rule society, the religious or spiritual outlook, and many other factors.”

Covid enabled the leap, and Web3/DAOs are the technology breakthrough.

Ladies and gentlemen, keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle because we are all aboard with a one-way ticket to Teal.

Teal is defined by Laloux as: “organizations where the management is based on worker autonomy and peer relationships.”

Sounds like a DAO to me.

Not one minute of my time in a DAO has felt like work.

I’ve been able to opt-in and contribute to work that aligns with my values:


  • I want to do work that matters. I want to do work that impacts people's lives in a positive way


  • I want to do work that gets me out of bed in the morning. I want to do work that is bigger than me and will outlast me. I’m driven by the desire to do something that has meaning and importance.


  • I want to have the capacity to live and grow my physical and mental well-being. 

I will:

  • Embrace joy
  • Express love
  • Be undeniably present
  • Stay insatiably curious
  • Live in service of others
  • Have unwavering integrity

A change is coming in how we organize and run our companies. I want to embrace the change.

It seems obvious that DAOs are the future, but I don’t expect they will look the way they do now. I have a unique opportunity to watch and be a part of this transformation.

I have the opportunity to bring what I’m learning back to my fiat job (day job - I’m just trying to impress the crypto readers with my use of fiat 😂). 

DAOs have also validated that I'm not crazy. I’ve fought against the tide for what Aaron Dignan calls “people positive” culture in his book Brave New Work. I've questioned my instincts for the type of workplace I’ve always wanted to build.

Is this possible?

Why don’t others see and want this?

Should I let go and settle for “it is what it is”?

I now know that better ways of working exist. I get to be a part of it.

I can take what I’m learning and change the lives of those around me. I am no longer hypothesizing, theorizing, or pontificating. I am living the change I want to see.

Will I ever full-time DAO? We’ll have to wait and see. I hope you’ll follow along on my journey.

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