How to make your Mirror blog more immutable

Since I learned about Mirror, I abandoned the idea of blogging on other platforms. Thanks to Mirror, I can quickly associate my Blog with my Web3 identity and permanently store my text on Arweave.

But did you know that images of your Mirror blog are actually not stored decentralized?

In Mirror Blog, there is no doubt that our text will be stored in the Arweave network, as the text itself does not take up much storage space, but the images are not stored on Arweave.

It's not Mirror's fault. Because Mirror is completely free, but Arweave's network is stored in AR payment. There are thousands of users blogging on Mirror every day, images take up much more space than words. Mirror is difficult to provide storage sponsorship in this section, it is tooooo expensive! Especially Mirror will re-store every new version of your blog on Arweave.(Arweave is a non-deletable network, every update means a new uploaded.)

I will give you an example to understand this.

Here is a mirror I released.
➡️ Click it’s Arweave TX; ➡️ Click the link of Arweave browser page; ➡️ Check the stored files.

You will find there are a lot of URLs. Yes! That URL is where your images are hosted. You can get your image’s URL by clicking the right mouse button.

And here is the URL of this image.

Through this URL, we can find this image actually stored on Mirror‘s server. Not on Arweave. If there is a problem with the Mirror image server, it will make the images in your blog inaccessible.

So, how to build my Mirror blog more immutable?

Decentralize the storage of your images on Mirror, replace the image URLs of the Mirror with URLs stored through decentralized storage.

Whether you choose to store the images on IPFS or Arweave, just choose 4EVERLAND Bucket to make that, It supports both!

1⃣️ login in via your Metamask. (Does not require any centralized application authorization, the most friendly Web3 login method, and a more censorship resistant way.)

CID: bafybeif2ckjclxr6maxk46nmaev72fmqhib3ivo6bdkdlfocjx4mubo3im
CID: bafybeif2ckjclxr6maxk46nmaev72fmqhib3ivo6bdkdlfocjx4mubo3im

2⃣️ Create a Bucket( each Bucket name will ultimately point to your dedicated gateway, so the name is unique.), every user is free to enjoy 1G IPFS storage space and 100M arweave storage space.

CID: bafybeia7f3lvnnkrf4sjoldo7quahb7vuoam5r7m6oshveilt2jwtnjog4
CID: bafybeia7f3lvnnkrf4sjoldo7quahb7vuoam5r7m6oshveilt2jwtnjog4

3⃣️ Upload your image directly, or create a new folder and upload the image. (There is no restriction on the folder name.)

CID: bafybeidu76nrv4kcfa2zbxedxirylqgolofszfgcjojofudnpy6q54y5ou
CID: bafybeidu76nrv4kcfa2zbxedxirylqgolofszfgcjojofudnpy6q54y5ou

4⃣️ The image will be uploaded to IPFS by default and you can either get its CID (IPFS Hash) directly or choose to synchronize it to the Arweave network.

CID: bafybeievoqz4ll3jloe6yugceduez2ckgqgcedh2gczjyvgfexmc7ohnga
CID: bafybeievoqz4ll3jloe6yugceduez2ckgqgcedh2gczjyvgfexmc7ohnga

5⃣️ If you sync your image to the Arweave network, you will get a total of three urls supported by IPFS Public Gateway, Arweave Gateway, and 4EVERLAND's Global Accelerator Gateway. (Recommend to choose 4EVERLAND's global Accelerated access URL, which will make your Blog images load faster.)

CID: bafybeibslv6genl53amkyerf4lnioxm6rlhhle4rajna6jsp54zdcux3ra
CID: bafybeibslv6genl53amkyerf4lnioxm6rlhhle4rajna6jsp54zdcux3ra

6⃣️ Embed the image via any of these URLs. (Pay attention! Mirror does not recognize URLs with uppercase letters, so you need to name your images in all lowercase letters)

This time, this image is immutable and permanent.-CID: bafybeibpmgnfh62xqelbmqulwvt3oardq7kzq4mf7ux65cqxaffgcgijfm
-Arweave TX: bE2lb4NFrCIg5gxx1lwugO9ISFv4yfauMdRZbJ-lVoM

Congrats, you‘ve got the way to make your Mirror blog more immutable!

Enjoy Bucket now.

Max, BD&Partnership of 4EVERLAND

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