MemeFi Linea Park Quest

Welcome, explorer!

In the MemeFi Linea Park Quest, you’ll be able to claim to unique commemorative NFTs:

  • Quest Pioneer Badge

  • Elite Explorer Badge

Onboarding MemeFi Alpha Test

The MemeFi Public Alpha Test is run on the Ethereum Sepolia Testnet.

Receiving Testnet ETH

In this guide, we’ll assume you’re using the Metamask Wallet

  • First, you need to switch to the Ethereum Sepolia Network

    1. Click the button in the top left corner of your Metamask extension

    2. Make sure the Show test networks toggle is enabled

    3. Scroll through Testnets to find Sepolia

    4. Click on it to switch

  • Alternative 1: Use the Alchemy Faucet at**

    1. Click Please signup or login with Alchemy

    2. Complete the registration process

    3. Enter your wallet address (it sits over your balance in Metamask — click to copy)

    4. Solve captcha

    5. Click Send Me ETH

  • Alternative 2: Use the POW Faucet at

    1. Solve captcha

    2. Enter your wallet address (it sits over your balance in Metamask — click to copy)

    3. Click Start Mining

    4. Wait until enough Testnet ETH is mined

    Onboarding the MemeFi Game

  • Get the MemeFi app on your device


    Actually, no need to do anything. Just visit the website & start playing!

    Mobile Safari

    1. Open the MemeFi website

    2. Click the Share button

    3. Choose Add to Home Screen

    Mobile Chrome

    1. Open the MemeFi website

    2. Сlick the three-dot Hamburger button

    3. Сhoose Install App

  • Go thru the onboarding process

    1. After installation, take a look at the mini-guide in the app & click Sign

    2. Connect your crypto wallet & confirm

    3. Provide your email & referral code if you have one

    4. Check your email for the confirmation code. Click Resend Code if it doesn't arrive

    5. Now that you've got a MemeFi account connect your Instagram or Twitter account. You'll need to authorize access in the pop-up.

    6. Choose your clan. Clans have entry fees that you'll need to pay to the memelord to join.

    7. Create your character. You need to provide their name, choose your hero and its background image.

    8. Now you've got to buy some keys for yourself.

    9. Purchase some PWR tokens.

    10. Now the journey is coming to an end. Or rather the beginning! Confirm the resulting transaction and start playing.

    Receiving the Quest Pioneer Badge

  • Click on the Missions widget in the upper left corner of the screen

  • Choose Attack Bosses

  • Click Attack for X PWR > Confirm

  • Wait for the animation to end

    Receiving the Elite Explorer Badge

  • Complete the previous task

  • From the main menu of the game, navigate to the Explore tab

  • Click on any of the players

  • Click Buy > Continue

  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet

  • Buy two more keys

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