Unlocking Global Financial Opportunity: Valora's Partnership with Mento Labs

In the evolving landscape of digital currencies and blockchain technology, Valora, a pioneer in the mobile crypto wallet space, has teamed up with Mento Labs to bring sustainable financial solutions to users everywhere.

About Valora

Valora is the easiest way to send, swap, collect and purchase digital goods on the Celo blockchain. Backed by influential investors, including a16z, Polychain Capital, and SVAngel, Valora launched publicly on February 10, 2021 and has grown a community in more than 100 countries globally. Valora is on a mission to unlock financial opportunities for everyone, removing barriers to entry in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Valora's Mission

Valora's mission is to unlock access to financial opportunity -  so everyone can create and share value without barriers. At the core of that mission is the belief that financial opportunities should be borderless. Their vision aligns with Mento Labs' commitment to facilitating the global adoption of digital currencies. By offering sustainable, over-collateralized stablecoins to the Celo ecosystem, Valora, in partnership with Mento Labs, is aiming to enable billions of Web3 users to seamlessly discover stable assets.

Valora and Mento Labs Partnership Testimonials

Jackie Bona, CEO of Valora, emphasizes the shared commitment to addressing the challenges of traditional finance through a global lens: "The addition of new stable currencies allows us to introduce Central and West Africa to truly borderless payments. Mento remains a critical partner in making our mission possible."

Markus Franke, CEO of Mento Labs, adds: "Valora enables underserved communities around the world to save, send, and spend Mento stablecoins, breaking down the barriers of traditional banking. It is really user-friendly, accessible on any mobile phone and users can easily transact with others in their address book."

Valora's Solutions

As the leading wallet in the Celo ecosystem, Valora offers access to over 50 crypto assets and 30+ dApps for swapping, sending, and growing a crypto portfolio—all from your mobile device.

Valora was designed to give everyone in the world a simple, easy way to hold, save, and grow their savings – making the app the perfect partner for Mento’s stablecoins. Today, people all over the world can get up to 12% annual rewards simply by holding their Mento Stablecoins in the Valora wallet.

Send, receive, and swap assets with Valora at a fraction of the cost of other platforms—often less than 0.001 cUSD per transaction.

Mento Stablecoins in Action

Valora users can harness the power of Mento stablecoins (cUSD, eEUR, cREAL and eXOF) for remittances, saving, purchasing, and even earning rewards that can be cashed out with gift cards. The Valora wallet enables users to easily swap their stablecoins for local currencies, providing a comprehensive suite of financial tools.

Next Steps

The partnership between Valora and Mento Labs is poised for steady growth. Exciting next steps include working together to offer additional stable assets to users around the world.

Valora and Mento Labs will continue to explore the potential of blockchain technology in enhancing financial accessibility. This partnership highlights the role of blockchain in contributing to a more inclusive and interconnected global financial landscape.

Download Valora
Download Valora

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