$MART: Building a Web3 Academy of Fine Arts

$MART is the governance token of Metavers Artspace DAO, whose mission is to build an academy of fine arts on chain, starting with the tokenization of exhibition space for the academicians and providing a large number of experts for the next generation of educational content. $MART governance tokens give holders the right to vote on issues that govern the development and operations of the blockchain project Metavers Artspace.


  1. Use any crypto wallet

  2. Back this project

  3. Enter an amount you want to exchange

  4. Get $MART (1 ETH = 1000 $MART)

  • Backers deposit ETH to fund Metaverse Artspace in exchange for $MART tokens.

  • Backers of the project automatically receive $MART tokens in exchange for their ETH. The token tracks how much each backer has contributed to Metavers Artspace. Tokens are issued at a ratio of 1000 tokens to 1 ETH.

  • The token represents a proof of patronage and an economic stake in the potential success of the platform by routing future revenue back to the token.

  • Backers can use their tokens to enter the community space and start the application process. $MART tokens represent the membership in the Metavers Artspace community and unlocks the token-gated server. In the educational model $MART governance tokens represent a more equitable, decentralized, and transparent governance method.

  • If the funding target is hit, Metavers Artspace will start to develop the DeSci platform.

  • If the stretch goal is hit, Metavers Artspace will start to implement more $MART burning mechanisms, use cases and earning functions.

  • $MART tokens can be traded like any ERC-20 token, or redeemed for underlying ETH.

The Collectable NFT Tier will unlock a special edition of the basic literature PROOF OF SINGULARITY ($INGULARITY) which includes 3 generated texts created by my AI-Mindclone as a Co-Author.


Voting System

The absence of a central authority makes voting on proposals as art evaluation a central aspect in metavers artspace.

The voting system also enables users to vote on modifications in articles from „Proof of Singularity“, the living community mission that gets reviewed every season and re-written once every few semesters.

The decentralized voting system allows users to create proposals and vote off-chain. It allows users to choose from multiple voting systems and use $MART to calculate voting power and to vote without gas. The POAP Plugin allows voters to claim a POAP badge as a proof-of-vote.

The voting system gives users the tools to customize governance for their community. It allows users to carry out governance in an organized way. It makes governance more accessible and affordable since the data is stored off-chain.

Voting Type: Each voting type calculates the weight of an individual wallet differently:‍

  • Single Choice Voting: Each voter can choose a maximum of one option to support with their entire voting power.

  • Approval Voting: Each voter can select multiple options and their voting power will be distributed equally among the selected options.

  • Quadratic Voting: Voters spread their voting power across options. The number of voters is weighted higher than the number of votes than an option receives. This method of voting removes power away from the whales in your ecosystem.

  • Ranked Choice Voting: Voters rank options from most preferred to least preferred. Votes are counted for each voter’s top choice. If an option has more than 50% of the votes based on first-choice, that option wins. If not, the option with the least votes is eliminated and this process is repeated until a clear winner emerges or there is only one option left.

  • Weighted Voting: Similar to Approval voting where voters can select multiple choices, but voters are allowed to choose how much of their voting power to allocate to each vote.

Start Date and End Date: Allows users to specify when a proposal goes live and stops accepting votes. It is important to specify a window that is not too short to allow the community members to have ample time to vote.

Block Number: Gives users the ability to decide who can or can’t vote, minimizing the chance that proposals will be influenced by a recent purchase of tokens by a Whale or by spreading tokens across multiple wallets.

An ENS name is required to use the voting system.

Professional Feedback System

Additional, small groups of specialists - “committees” or “pods” - making decisions over the evaluation of art.


$MART has several puropses:

  • Serve as a voting mechanism for art evaluation and governance.

  • Capture the social value of growing the Metavers Artspace Ecosystem.

  • Distribute benefits to Metavers Artspace DAO contributors.

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