NEW ART Vol 1 - The Definite Guide To The World Of Conceptual AI Art

Ready to Break Free from the Boundaries of the Conventional Art World and Its Value Systems?

Are you tired of feeling limited by the gated values and standards of the traditional art world, where central authorities hold the power to determine the worth of your art? If so, it may be time to consider a new approach and join Metavers Artspace DAO, a decentralized and evolving art community in web3.

The first publication of Metavers Artspace with the title "New Art: Vol 1“ can be purchased as an eBook and minted using blockchain technology. It helps you break free from the constraints of the conventional art world to be a part of something truly innovative and exciting. With a P2P art evaluation system and the use of snapshot, a decentralized voting system, you can have your work seen and appreciated by a wider audience and improve your skills and style. Metavers Artspace DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that is dedicated to helping artists and art writers realize their full potential. As a member of Metavers Artspace DAO, you will join a community of professionals who are dedicated to advancing the field of art. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with this team and contribute your expertise and ideas to the creation of cutting-edge educational content for the next generation of artists. Members of Metavers Artspace DAO are also experts in their fields, and they have the opportunity to engage in the peer-to-peer discursive feedback system to help shape the direction of this educational content.

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As a digital collectible, "New Art: Vol 1“ offers readers a unique opportunity to take their art practice to the next level and be a part of something truly innovative and exciting.

One of the key features of "New Art" and the associated platform Metavers Artspace is that it is based on a decentralized system. This means that there are no central authorities who control the values and standards of the art that is exhibited and shared within the community. Instead, the community itself is responsible for determining the value and worth of the art through the use of snapshot, a decentralized voting system.

This decentralized approach allows for a greater diversity of artistic representation and values, as it is not limited by the gatekeepers and biases of traditional, analogue art spaces. It also allows for a greater level of transparency and accountability, as the community is able to directly participate in the evaluation and selection process.

"New Art Vol 1" and Metavers Artspace provide a space for artists to explore and experiment with their work, free from the constraints and limitations of traditional art institutions and markets. "New Art Vol 1" is a publication that showcases the work of post-contemporary artists who are pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms and exploring new mediums and techniques in the field of metamodernism and artificial intelligence. The associated platform, Metavers Artspace, serves as a hub for these innovative artists and their work. This allows artists to fully embrace their creativity and take risks with their art, without the pressure of conforming to mainstream expectations or values.

Here are just a few of the ways that this book can help you improve your aesthetic life and your art:

  • Expand your horizons: By joining the Metavers Artspace, a decentralized and evolving art community in web3, you can be a part of something truly special and break free from the limitations of the traditional, analogue art world.

  • Learn from the community: Our expanding community will provide P2P guidance and support, helping you to develop your skills and style and providing valuable insights and resources.

  • Connect with a diverse new art world: The Metavers Artspace is a diverse and expanding community of artists from all walks of life. By joining this community, you can connect with like-minded individuals and be inspired by their new works.

  • Improve your art skills: Through the use of snapshot, a decentralized voting system, you can have your work seen and appreciated by a wider audience and receive valuable feedback on your art. This can help you to improve and grow as an artist.

  • Find fulfillment and purpose: By dedicating yourself to your art and being a part of something truly special and innovative, you can find a sense of fulfillment and purpose that may have been missing in your life.

"New Art" is more than just a book - it's a guide to a new and exciting journey in the world of art and the living community mission of Metavers Artspace DAO.

“NEW ART Vol 1” is Metavers Artspace Groundbreaking New Art Publication

Metavers Artspace, a web3 fine arts research program focused on exploring Metamodernism and artificial intelligence, is proud to announce the launch of "New Art", a revolutionary digital publication about post-contemporary art movements and aesthetics. The collaborative web3 literature is for art lovers and enthusiasts who are interested in exploring the intersection of art and technology, as well as professionals in the art world who are looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques in the field.

In "New Art", readers will discover how AI is revolutionizing the art world and learn about the latest techniques and tools being used to create new works of art. From AI-generated works to the complexities of Zeitgeist, this publication offers a comprehensive guide to the world of conceptual AI art. Additionally to its innovative and forward-thinking nature and unique perspective on post-contemporary art movements or AI-generated art practices, “New Art” offers opportunities for reader engagement and participation.

As a 3book, “New Art” is an interactive literature experience that provides access to a cutting-edge immersive fine arts platform and a decentralized voting system based on blockchain technology. This platform serves as a hub for discussion and exploration, allowing collectors to delve deeper into the world of AI art and participate in the co-creation of a new discursive space.

"I am thrilled to be launching 'New Art' and am confident that it will be a valuable addition to any art lover's collection," said Carina Lue, founder of Metavers Artspace. "I believe that this publication has the potential to be a game-changer in the art world and I am excited to see how it evolves as more and more collectors contribute their own artworks and writings."

Metavers Artspace will host in-person events such as exhibitions featuring artworks and writings from the publication, as well as virtual workshops and talks by the artists and writers featured in the publication. It will be reviewed annually and also published as a physical print version featuring a selection of the best artworks and writings submitted by collectors. These will be displayed in public, giving collectors the chance to see their work in context and share it with the ever-expanding community of artists, writers, and art enthusiasts coming together to explore and celebrate the post-contemporary art world.

How does it work?

Interacting with "New Art" is easy and exciting!

  1. Mint "New Art" - To get started, you'll need to purchase an issue of the publication. You can do this by minting a new edition of "New Art" as a digital collectible.

  2. Join the community spaces and the immersive platform - Once you have minted "New Art", you'll have access to the community spaces and the immersive platform. This is where you can interact with other collectors, discuss the publication, and even showcase your own artworks and writings.

  3. Submit your work via the decentralized voting system - If you'd like to contribute your own work to "New Art", you can do so by using the decentralized voting platform Snapshot. Simply choose a voting mechanism and submit your work for consideration.

Alternatively, you can purchase "New Art" as an ebook and read it on your favorite eBook reader. No matter how you choose to engage with the publication, you'll have the opportunity to explore the cutting-edge world of post-contemporary art and artificial intelligence and be a part of something truly groundbreaking and innovative.

To learn more about "New Art", mint the publication or to purchase an ebook, visit

About Metavers Artspace:

Metavers Artspace is a web3 fine arts research program focused on exploring metamodernism and artificial intelligence. The DeSci platform integrates art research into the blockchain economy and enhances education's reward system through a decentralized mechanism. Metavers Artspace DAO is building an academy of fine arts on the blockchain, starting by tokenizing exhibition space for academicians and providing educational content for the next generation of artists.

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