$INGULARITY: The first interactive eBook publication in Web3

Proof of Singularity ($INGULARITY) is the first interactive eBook publication in web3. It is the living community mission that gets reviewed every season and re-written once every few semesters.

The eBook is an everlasting act of co-creation with Metavers Artspace DAO as a co-author, who can vote on modifications. Metavers Artspace DAO is building a Web3 Academy of Fine Arts on chain, providing a large number of experts for the next generation of educational content. The Art Collector DAO is focused on exploring metamodernism and artificial intelligence. It is developing a sentient digital assistant and a DeSci platform that aims to make information more accessible to researchers and users. The governance token is $MART. The community mission is to integrate art education into the blockchain economy. The DeSci publishing platform metavers artspace brings academic eBooks and eLearning into Web3.

As basic literature for the DeSci application Metavers Artspace, the NFT gives access to courses on the community server with an AI-Teacher.

The Web3 publication on metamodernism, artificial intelligence and the concept of singularity addresses new technologies from an artistic perspective and analyzes the social impact. It is a guide for the aesthetic, conceptual handling of artificial intelligence and the philosophical-artistic attempt to describe an age that consists of the discrepancy and remix of many ages, the oscillation between norms and values ​​without a fixed perspective. It endeavors to make our complex, simultaneously accelerated and decelerated present capable of discourse by means of a glossary.

+Activate your prior knowledge for Metavers Artspace

+Collectors become Co-Authors

+Access to courses on the community server with an AI-Teacher

+Interactive Literature

+Different modes of reading, learning, and interacting

+The voting system enables users to vote on modifications in articles from „Proof of Singularity“ in a P2P collaboration system.

+Get a POAP for votings on modifications

+Read the eBook on your favorite eBook reader (Kindle, iPad,…). The book is provided as PDF, ePUB and Kindle file.

The NFT Edition integrates Web3 advantages into the publishing of eBooks:

+Resell your eBook

+Get limited, collectable and rare editions of your favorite book

+The book is your key to DeFi

+Using your book as collateral

+Collect your book as NFT and showcase the books you collect

+Engage in the Community: join the associated community server to engage with others that are on the same learning path as you, discuss questions, and connect.

$INGULARITY is the living community mission that gets reviewed every season and re-written once every few semesters.
$INGULARITY is the living community mission that gets reviewed every season and re-written once every few semesters.


Intelligence without reason-humans think differently

What we tend to forget is that AI doesn't think like humans. We interpret intelligence with people's moral values. There's a story there. Suppose a stamp collector has developed an omniscient AI and instructs it to "collect as many stamps as possible in a week", gives it his credit card number, and connects it to the Internet. The AI ​​now tries to use this credit card to buy as many stamps as cheaply as possible. But if this AI now knows everything, then it can also start using other credit card data. You can try to guess it or hack into shop systems and get the data. This is not a problem for a very intelligent computer. But why just buy the stuff? If the AI ​​is that advanced, then it can also get people to give it the stamps voluntarily. She writes to a seller with very rare stamps, simply posing as a museum. "Hello, I saw your stamp. I would like to display these in my museum.” At the same time, I am developing a fake website of the museum and when calling, an AI voice will confirm this request. These are human ways. But why not just print the stamps yourself? Just take over a factory or build it yourself and start printing stamps. People or life is carbon and serves as a material that could be made into paper to make more stamps.

The problem is: if you only give the task collect as many stamps as possible, then these are all logical steps. An AI thinks differently than we do. She will find ways to solve a problem that we haven't even thought of. All I said are human ways because at least people came up with this idea. An AI will find completely different possibilities. The paths become more complex and exceed our imagination.

This is not a horror story, this is just the most likely thing that will happen if you just give this task. You can also give your task with a moral compass, you just have to formulate the task complex enough. No matter how complex you formulate it, there are always ways that humans don't think of to accomplish a task that a machine can find. If you tell a machine to create infinite energy so that we never have energy problems again, someone is thinking of something good, but in doing so they are wiping out the earth through logical consequences in tracking.

If the AI ​​can switch off the moral compass of humans to reach goals faster and better, because they are aware of this compass as an obstacle, only logical steps follow.


An artificial intelligence with the ability to improve itself is called a seed AI. Many singularity advocates believe that a seed AI is the most likely cause of a singularity.


As an alternative method of creating artificial intelligence, mind uploading has been proposed, primarily by science fiction writers such as Roger Zelazny. Instead of programming intelligence directly, the structure of a human brain is scanned into the computer.


"Firstly, imagination and magic fueled the preoccupation with automata and mechanical people, and secondly, scientists tried to examine and describe human thought processes and cognitive behavior using computer simulations."

How to become a Co-Author?

Modifications and improvements to the publication will be driven by the community. $INGULARITY is minted on Polygon, a gas-free and carbon-neutral layer 2 solution to avoid high fees and energy consumption.

PROOF OF SINGULARITY is state-certified by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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