"I'm With the Dj"
July 22nd, 2022

So I’m a dj.  (hiiiiiiiiiii)

**My job is to make sure you're having a good time. 

I select different sounds and mash them up together and people actually pay me stupid money to do it. When done well it creates transformative collective moments that are off the cuff and fleeting. The energy between a Dj and an audience is hard to explain.

I live for sampling.  Everything is a remix  

I don’t believe in copyright rules, but I tend to follow them 

In a case where the former artist is unreachable, and the record label not in business any longer–I might break the rules in my favor   [Hiiiii Katalina if you’re seeing this i tried to get ahold of you and couldn’t figure out how but please hit my line anytime!]

***Update Katalina found me on TikTok and she is such an icon. Go follow her on TikTok right now @therealdjgirl ***

I sampled an acapella from 90’s hit house record “D.J. Girl” by Katalina

The first time I heard this sample was in a hardstyle song at a rave.  For the next 10 years, I whole-heartedly believed that was the original song. (DJ Caffeine)

It wasn’t until this year that I discovered the original and as a house-head you can imagine my excitement 

I immediately started playing the original in all of my DJ sets.  I found the acapella online and made an edit that felt more aligned with some of the tracks I play today

**I played that edit out for a while and people seemed to really like it too

So I made a TikTok using the song and it went moderately viral 👉for me👈

Me to myself:  Hey I think I might have something big here!

Me to record labels:  Hey guys do you like this song?

Record labels:  [Silence]

So I made another TikTok with an updated version of the audio.  And it happened again.

Ok cool cool cool, so I guess i’m doing it on my own….

And here we are. Big Dj girl doing the big release on the big blockchain


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