Recording Information Notification (RIN) Standard
October 11th, 2021

On Oct. 10th, 2016, DDEX announced the completion of the long-awaited Recording Information Notification standard (RIN), addressing the need to restore sound recording metadata (credits, liner notes, artwork) in the age of digital distribution..

Avid Pro Tools® with Sound Credit Tracker Plug-in
Avid Pro Tools® with Sound Credit Tracker Plug-in

Sound Credit Tracker by Soundways, is a DAW plug-in that implements the RIN standard and allows users to enter and track performer and recording credits as they happen. Using the DDEX standard, the plug-in stores the metadata in a small, .RIN XML file, to be included and passed along with the project session files.

Ten years in the making, the RIN format comprises an XML file that standardizes the metadata describing all aspects of a recording project and sound recording. RIN is designed for Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) manufacturers to enable their users to capture and store essential metadata in a standard form at the point of creation of a musical work and/or sound recording.

Maureen Droney, Managing Director at The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing (and a key member of the RIN Working Group) stated “RIN will facilitate crediting, ensuring that performers, producers, recording engineers are properly identified and paid for their contributions.”

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