What is keeping you motivated in Web3.0?
August 5th, 2022

Before discussing this issue, I would like to introduce myself. I used to be a master student majoring in Environmental Engineering. I was attracted by BTC in April last year and joined the Blockchain industry. The journey into WEB3.0 started from DeFi, and then turned to Gamefi and NFT. It can be said that I am currently a deep interaction and enthusiast of WEB3.0.

Below, I would like to introduce three points that attracted me to Web3.0:

Point 1: Innovation (Contributor and Creator Economy)

Let’s talk about the contributor economy first. When I first recognized RabbitHole, I simply thought that it was just a web3.0 task platform. Of course, in fact, RabbitHole was my Web3.0 mentor. I still remember that there was a task to register ENS at that time. Although I didn’t know the meaning of ENS at the time, I still registered for a one-year ENS (mimimi.eth), which also helped me get a certain amount of ENS Token airdrops, I love RabbitHole and ENS! Through this example, it is not difficult for us to find that in the WEB3.0 project we participate in as a contributor, we may get unexpected benefits or rewards, which cannot be achieved in WEB2.0, because Most companies just pay you, they don't care if you are a contributor or not.


Speaking of the creator economy, I have to mention Mirror here. In the traditional field, when we write articles and publish them in some magazines, journals or apps, we need to pay them a page fee.Even if there is no page fee, you can't make money from the traffic of the article.


All this has been changed in Web3.0, I use Mirror to edit my articles, I can publish it in the form of limited NFT and mark the price.People who like my article can bookmark this article in the form of NFT, which is a unique proof of stake.Creators can directly get benefits from readers or fans, which is a great encouragement for my creation. Although not many people are willing to collect my Mirror NFT, I will persevere!

Point 2: Strong sense of personal participation in governance (DAO)

I love DAO so much, and I have been fortunate enough to participate in the donation of the Constitution Dao (although only 0.1ETH), the first fully decentralized DAO in the true sense. The DAO of web3.0 has given me great personal rights. I can use People to vote to participate in governance, and I can also initiate new proposals. You know, in the Web 2.0 industry, only the top of the company has these rights. There are other DAO organizations that I also participate in governance voting. Although sometimes I have very little voting rights, I enjoy it. Who knows if I will be the last straw that breaks the camel's back?

Constitution Dao
Constitution Dao

Point 3: Cultural Identity (NFT)

Obviously, BAYC was popular some time ago, from APE to Otherside, although I do not hold any of them, BAYC has driven the market economy and culture of NFT, especially PFP projects. So why are we going to buy some kind of NFT? My answer is the sense of belonging of cultural identity, because a certain type of NFT can bring together people who agree with this artistic style or spiritual value, and the holders have found their own community through the medium of NFT (home ), an unparalleled sense of belonging. For example, Mfer, Mfer is always Mfer! Webb is our home!


To sum up, in the world of Web 3.0, I can get benefits through contributions and creations, I can participate in my favorite projects or DAOs, and conduct proposals and voting governance for DAOs, and I have a group of peers who have the same cultural identity as myself.

Yes, I'm in a WEB3.0 world . That's great!

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