2022 Q1 & Q2 Mineral roadmap

Thanks to the support of our early adopters and Mineralists worldwide, we are excited to announce that our February 2022 launch was an overwhelming success! Rest assured, complacency isn’t in our DNA. Here’s how we plan to continue helping movers and shakers make the most out of their storage…

Integrating token-based membership

As we speak, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are paving the way for digital memberships, asset ownership, and beyond. Here’s how we plan to integrate NFTs into Mineral:

Membership and storage verification

In 2022, we will release a series of NFTs as proof of membership. Likewise, these NFTs will certify how much storage each user warrants.

File storage verification

As a means to incentivize and verify file uploads, we plan to create a fee-based token that will be returned to users once a new file is stored.

Including time-saving automations

Throughout a myriad of industries, automations are not only accelerating workflows, but also cutting out manual tasks. Our partnerships at Mineral are unlocking some of the most productive features available in today’s digital landscape.

Improvements via Notion

By using Notion, a collaborative workspace platform, we are elevating the ease of use, team-wide accessibility, and flexibility of our file management features.

Zapier automations

Our developers are working around the clock to list our storage API on Zapier. In turn, Mineralists can automate backup workflows, ensuring peace of mind in less time.

Building dynamic Web3 algorithms

As Web3 continues to evolve, our Mineral team has a few key ideas in mind to not only improve our capacity, but also our cost-effectiveness.

Smarter storage selections

We are in the process of integrating two Web3 storage platforms into our Mineral ecosystem, developing a cost-effective algorithm to elevate the affordability of storage.

Ask any long-term Mineralist… We are always on the lookout for innovation, transforming ideas into action. Now, 2022 is opening the door to opportunity as we continue to centralize, connect, and optimize storage!

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