MiniMini Dungeon is coming to zkSync 2.0

We celebrate Milestone unlocked - 10,000,000 tx.
We celebrate Milestone unlocked - 10,000,000 tx.

Why we use zkSync 2.0 ?

MiniMiniDungeon aims to lead a Game-Fi track. MiniMini Dungeon would like to create a stir in the trend. Players would lose their items and characters if they were to fail the adventure in digital world - it is no-fungible-digital asset as crypto currency . We believe this element is exciting. You can have an experience like a real death in the game.

Death is very important factor in our game.
Death is very important factor in our game.

Actually, we provide the functionality of “Play to Earn”. Many other P2E games are hosted on ethereum and other layer 1 chain. They make players have the native token like ETH when they collect their rewards. This is super panful trip for players because everybody has to install Metamask and do the initiation of such a complex procedures.

In zksync 2.0 , as the nature of zkEVM, we can pay the gas fee with our tokens - not native tokens like ETH. Thus, even if players don’t have the CryptoCurrency and the account of CEX like centralized exchange - coinbase, etc , they can start to play to earn without any other things.

We believe this is the revolutionary change and it helps many non-banked players enable to join the game economic world - just as inclusive finance.

We will deploy our game at very early timing of zksync 2.0

We would like to celebrate our join for zksync ecosystems.

So Please follow our discord and join the twitter gleam campaign.


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