Beans DAO FAQ & Development Update

Wtf is Beans?

Our shared mission is to proliferate everything Beans although most importantly it’s about having fun. We aim to build a universe where everything is built and discovered with the community in addition to the core team.

In a technical sense, Beans is an experimental DAO focused on decentralized IP building utilizing CC0 and open-source software. To do this, we’re forking the original Nouns protocol which was the first attempt at bootstrapping identity, community, governance, and a shared treasury.

Beans DAO will govern its own treasury, for the purpose of empowering and arming builders from interdisciplinary backgrounds.

In order to make this protocol as unique and as decentralized as possible, this requires a ton of due diligence before we’re able to launch. (More on that covered towards the end).

Concept sketches for short film 'Seed Supreme' directed by Jack Maschka
Concept sketches for short film 'Seed Supreme' directed by Jack Maschka

Why Beans?

A short history of the bean characters can be found here.

We believe with a proper foundation, CC0 web3 brands are going to play a major role in the future. They have the potential to embrace the chaotic, absurd, and creative energy of the internet and channel it into something new, productive, and mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

Was Nouns a one-off project that is making it work or could other projects thrive in similar conditions? That’s what we aim to find out. Beyond just a derivative-esque kind of way, rather by fully exploring a new, original on-chain IP.

Who is Beans?

Beans will eventually be a decentralized, community-owned effort but the protocol is originally being built by the Bean Team. Two artists and two developers.


Because 100% of the proceeds from each auction will be sent to the Beans DAO, the Bean Team has chosen to compensate themselves with Beans. Every 10th Bean for the first 5 years of the project (Bean ids #0, #10, #20, #30 and so on) will be automatically sent to the Bean Team's multisig to be vested and shared among the founding members of the project.

Bean Team distributions don't interfere with the cadence of 24 hour auctions. Beans are sent directly to the Bean Team's multisig, and auctions continue on schedule with the next available Bean ID.

*This compensation method is replicating the Nounder’s Reward

Other key contributors that have helped on this journey


Once launched, we’ll be opening it up to the wider community.

What’s next for Beans?

On launch we’ll be supplying the original guard rails for the world and lore but ultimately the community that forms around these characters will decide where this goes.

We can’t predict the future so we won’t release a premade roadmap. We believe that opening up the IP to the public and allowing governance over a shared treasury will enable the DAO to vote on and find the true value-adds from the most qualified people inside and outside of the community. Therefore, the roadmap is determined in real-time, on chain, and in a decentralized fashion.

What we have accomplished so far

  • Create unique character and ‘Beanified’ style language
  • Format the artwork to be censorship-resistant and on-chain (svg optimization)
  • Finished all the artwork (traits & final colors)
  • First and second pass of artwork quality control
  • Custom design and brand
  • Custom UI/UX for the front-facing website
  • Begin to build out our own custom Playground page
  • Beanfam community in Discord

What we have left to do (in no particular order)

  • Make sure everything is communicating properly on our front end
  • Complete our Playground page
  • Run public testnet mint page
  • Audit the contract for security flaws
  • More art quality control passes
  • Register and comply as best we can with current US regulations surrounding DAOs

We are trying to deliver at the highest quality on launch, which is a tough balancing act since we want to release as soon as we can.

The team is working hard and we feel confident it will be launched early Q2.

Screenshot attached is a work in progress and subject to change
Screenshot attached is a work in progress and subject to change


There is no allowlist, early access, whitelist, etc. for Beans.

The only exception to this rule is for the holders of the legacy Cryptobeanz project originally launched in February 2021.

How will the legacy process work?

The goal is a fair-launch distribution model for Beans and in that spirit our legacy process will follow a similar method to how the Bean Team is being compensated.

An announced snapshot will be taken of Cryptobeanz holders. At that time, the wallet addresses are added to a pool based on how many Cryptobeanz they hold. (If they own 1, they get added once, if they own 2, they get added twice and so on).

Once an address is chosen, that address entry is removed from the pool until all 85 have been distributed. (If your address is submitted more than once to the pool, only 1 copy of the address will be removed and the rest will remain).

Every third Bean (Bean ids #3, #6, #9, and so on) will be sent at random to one of the addresses in the pool until all 85 addresses have received a bean. This process should take around 255 days to complete.

*Cryptobeanz took secondary sale %’s off on the project so there is no milking of fees or conflict of interest. It is in no way affiliated with Beans aside from this feature and will only exist as part of its history and as a legacy art project.

That’s all for now!

Thank you to everyone for your patience as we navigate all of this. We’re working tirelessly to get this right. We’re building something really special and I believe it will be one of the most fun projects being built on Ethereum Mainnet.

- Jack & The Bean Team

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