Anatomy of a Bean

Let’s breakdown the anatomy of a Bean.

There are no ‘if’ statements or other rules governing Bean trait scarcity, which makes all Beans equally rare.

Class Type

Each Bean is assigned two classes.

Class 1
Class 2

These are determined by the color that they generate. (There are a total of 18 colors). Classes also determine the placement of the colors on the bean and on the background.

All 324 possible class combinations
All 324 possible class combinations


Each Bean generates two traits.

1 Helmet (126)
1 Gear (86)

These traits are generated at random and match the Class 1 color assigned to it at mint. Some traits also generate a bit of Class 2. These traits can add additional depth to potential digital integrations down the line.

Helmet & Gear
Helmet & Gear


Each Bean generates one size.


This determines whether or not the Bean has a wide shaped head or a circular head. Adding interest and variety to the collection.

Big & Small
Big & Small


There are two vibes

Good Vibe
Bad Vibe

These take the form of a smile or a frown.


There are limitless possibilities for integration within digital ecosystems because of the randomly generated metadata. These can be integrated into games of all types, trading cards, metaverse integrations, etc. if the DAO so chooses to follow this path.

This philosophy is built on top of the Loot ethos. Combined with the Nouns auction mechanism, we have the tools to further the proliferation of Beans and Beanish culture (whatever that ends up being).

My hope is that we’re able to prepare/build for the open, decentralized metaverse so we can take these little Beans wherever we’d like in the digital sphere. I see them both as main characters and as companions to others as we traverse the web.

- Jack & The Bean Team

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