Unlocking MintID NFT: The Golden Ticket to the Mint Blockchain Ecosystem

Mint Blockchain, a Layer 2(L2) blockchain focused on the NFT space, built on the OP Stack. Our mission is clear: to drive innovation in NFT standards and propel the mass adoption of NFT assets in real-world business scenarios, unlocking the true value of the NFT market.

Why do we believe in the massive potential of NFTs and dedicated to it? NFTs are essentially data carriers, serving as the underlying support that can represent nearly anything. In essence, NFTs are the "everything" of the internet. No exaggeration is too great when emphasizing the significance of this technology. We firmly believe that mass adoption in the cryptocurrency space will take place in the NFT realm. Mint Blockchain will play a pivotal role in accelerating this process.

Enter MintID, the official multifunctional asset and super equity pass of the Mint Blockchain. MintID is meticulously designed to explore the boundless potential of NFTs across various application scenarios. Owning a MintID not only makes you an early adopter but also positions you as a core stakeholder within the Mint Blockchain community, ensuring you receive continuous value as Mint continues to evolve.

A Glimpse of MintID:

MintID NFT Details

  • Total Supply: 10,000. (No future expansion)

  • Minting Price: 0.28 ETH

  • Minting Period (7 days): 01.17.2024 00:00 UTC - 01.24.2024 00:00 UTC.

MIntID Benefits

  1. Utility and Staking: MintID NFT will be the designated staking asset for becoming a distributed validator for certain core components of Mint Blockchain.

  2. $MINT Airdrop Allocation: Holders of MintID are automatically eligible for airdrop rewards in $MINT native assets (x%).

  3. Mint Ecosystem Privileges: Holding MintID grants access to various benefits and potential airdrops from Mint Blockchain's ecosystem projects.

MintID Benefits
MintID Benefits

MintID will evolve into an equity-based multifunctional NFT asset in the future, continuously developed and maintained by the official Mint Blockchain team, exploring innovation!

Official Designated MintID Minting Portal: https://www.mintchain.io/mintpass#mint-id-nft

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