Introducing GreenID, Your Unique SBT on Mint Mainnet

Today, with Mint’s commitment to developing a thriving, green on-chain ecosystem for NFTs, we are thrilled to announce the launch of GreenID NFT. All historical Mint Forest users have received their unique GreenID NFT, issued on Mint mainnet. New users of Mint Forest will also receive it. Keep reading to learn more.

GreenID NFT is exclusively for Mint Forest users, representing their thriving trees within the Mint Forest. Within GreenID, users' MintTree levels and enclosed ME are stored on-chain, officially recording your Mint Forest memories on the blockchain. This marks the release of Mint Forest 2.0, as Mint Forest is now fully on-chain.

This post will introduce what GreenID is, how to use it, and its crucial role within the Mint Blockchain ecosystem.

GreenID, SBT on Mint

First and foremost, GreenID NFTs are non-transferable NFTs, also known as Soulbound Tokens (SBTs). They represent Mint users' MintTrees in the Mint Forest 🌳. Within GreenID, users' tree levels and enclosed Mint Energy (ME) are stored on-chain. Through GreenID(activated), Mint Forest users will receive future airdrops and other benefits from Mint Blockchain. Initially, these NFTs are in an inactive state.

Exclusive Benefits, GreenID

  1. Representation of MintTree Rights: GreenID NFTs represent all future rights associated with your MintTree in the Mint Forest. Having an activated GreenID NFT means you can receive future MINT airdrop rewards and other benefits.

  2. Daily ME Boost: Once activated, GreenID NFTs provide a random acceleration function in the Mint Forest, increasing your ME rewards by 5% to 20%. This means your daily sign-in ME rewards will be randomly boosted by 5% to 20%.

  3. Part of Mint Pass: GreenID will also be part of the Mint Pass, along with MintID NFT and Mint Genesis NFT. You can view it in the MintPass section on the official website. Check it out here: Mint Pass.

  4. View Your MintTree Anytime, Anywhere: Each MintTree in the Mint Forest corresponds to a GreenID NFT. The GreenID number is your Tree ID. After activating your GreenID NFT, you can see the TreeID, the enclosed ME, the tree's level, and its appearance. This means your MintTree is officially on the Mint mainnet, allowing you to check its status anytime, not just within the Mint Forest.

Activate, Your GreenID

Initially, users see an inactive/unclaimed version of their GreenID. Inactive GreenIDs do not display the corresponding Tree Level or enclosed ME, making users ineligible for future airdrops and other benefits. Users need to activate their GreenID NFT in the Mint Forest. Here's how to activate your GreenID (note that the entire process is free except for gas fees):

  1. Bridge ETH to Mint by visiting for sufficient gas. (or via other supported bridges in the Mint Ecosystem:

  2. Check your “GreenID NFT Box” in Mint Forest.

  3. Click the Box to view your inactive GreenID.

  4. Click "Activate it" to activate your GreenID.

Once activated, you can view your unique GreenID, showing your current Level and the Mint Energy(ME) it contains.

Important Notes:

  1. Only users with activated GreenID NFTs are eligible for future MINT airdrop allocated for the Mint Forest. Mint Forest users can activate their GreenID NFT on the Mint mainnet at any time before the MINT airdrop event.

  2. New users of Mint Forest will automatically receive an inactive version of GreenID after check-in for 7 consecutive days.

  3. GreenID NFT official contract: 0x776fcec07e65dc03e35a9585f9194b8a9082cddb

Looking toward a decentralized future

We believe the technological foundation of the cryptoeconomy should be open source, freely available, and not controlled or owned by any one company. We couldn’t be more excited to start this journey by deploying GreenID on Mint mainnet, and collaborating with OP Labs and the Optimism Collective.

We are actively seeking other contributors, both individuals and organizations, who share this vision and want to build with us. Check out our website and docs to get started. Learn more about how to build on Mint.

Bringing Communities Onchain, One GreenID at a Time

With the launch of the Mint Developer Mainnet, the MintCore team will be supporting developers with deploying their applications and preparing for a public launch. With the launch of the GreenID, the entire Mint communities have been moved to the Mint Mainnet officially.

Check out Mint Forest to experience the best of green and eco-friendly onchain social product. And follow Mint on X to keep up to date with the next steps of Mint’s launch.

This is just the beginning — we’re so thankful to be with you on this journey to bring the next billion people onchain with NFT technology.

Innovate, Create, Mint, Together.

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