Event | Mint Blockchain to Launch MintPass Limited-Time Minting on January 10, 2024

Finally, the moment has arrived. MintPass, the official NFT pass of the Mint Blockchain and community, is set to launch a limited-time minting activity in January 2024. This post aims to provide essential information about the upcoming MintPass events.


MintPass, the exclusive NFT pass that opens the gateway to the heart of the Mint Blockchain ecosystem and community. Reserved for the pioneering contributors of Mint Blockchain and the NFT space, MintPass Holders take center stage, enjoying the highest priority rewards and a spectrum of ecosystem privileges, symbolizing their integral role in shaping the future of Mint Blockchain. Explore here.

MintPass Comes in Two Types

Type 1: Mint Genesis NFT

Mint Genesis
Mint Genesis

Mint Genesis is a unique genesis NFT of the Mint Blockchain, designed to collectively document the origin of a blockchain network dedicated to the NFT track. Users who have actively participated in the NFT ecosystem and transactions over the past few years will have the opportunity to exclusively mint the Genesis NFT, with each wallet address eligible to mint one Mint Genesis NFT at most.

Minting Period (2 Weeks): Jan 10, 2024 - Jan 24, 2024

Minting Price: Free Mint

Minting Rules: Whitelist mechanism. Mint early roles, and others. Wallet addresses eligible for minting will be disclosed within the next 2 weeks.

Mint Genesis Benefits:

  1. $MINT Airdrop Rewards

  2. Mint Ecosystem Privileges

Benefits of Mint Genesis NFT include the privilege of becoming an early community user of Mint blockchain. Holders will receive the $MINT airdrop rewards and other benefits from high-quality projects within the Mint ecosystem.

Type 2: MintID NFT


MintID is a multifunctional asset and super equity pass of Mint Blockchain, designed to explore the NFT possibilities in various application scenarios and provide holders the ongoing value within the Mint Blockchain ecosystem.

MintID Quantity: Total Supply: 10,000. (No future expansion)

Minting Period (1 Week): Jan 17, 2024 - Jan 24, 2024

Minting Price: 0.28 ETH

Minting Rules: A single wallet address can mint up to 5 MintIDs, and any wallet address can participate in minting.

MintID Benefits:

  1. Utility Rights: MintID serves as a designated staking asset for becoming a distributed validator in specific core components of the Mint blockchain.

  2. $MINT Airdrop Rewards: MintID holders are eligible to receive $Mint airdrop rewards, further enriching their involvement within the ecosystem.

  3. Ecosystem Privileges: MintID holders enjoy various empowerment and potential airdrops from diverse projects integrated into the Mint ecosystem.

MintID is expected to evolve into an equity-type multifunctional NFT asset continuously developed and maintained by the official Mint Blockchain, exploring innovation!

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Lastly, if your wallet address has participated in on-chain minting, transactions, and other NFT-related activities, be sure to pay attention to the Mint Genesis NFT minting activity, don't miss out

This is just the beginning — we’re so thankful to be with you on this journey to bring the next billion people onchain with Mint Blockchain.

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