Mint Blockchain Ambassador Program 2.0 Kicks Off

Mint Blockchain is excited to announce the launch of Mint Blockchain Ambassador Program 2.0. This program is designed to empower blockchain and NFT enthusiasts, developers, and content creators who are passionate about Mint Blockchain vision and its potential impact on the NFT and Web3 sectors.

Mint Blockchain, the native Ethereum L2 blockchain dedicated to NFTs and powered by NFTScan Labs and Optimism, is an integral part of the Optimism Superchain. Mint mission is to innovate and expand NFT assets use cases, fostering mass adoption of NFT assets and unleashing the true value of the NFT market.

About the Mint Ambassador Program

Launched in Q4 2023, Mint Blockchain Ambassador Program is a community and ecosystem initiative to support technical and non-technical contributors excited about Mint Blockchain to learn, build, and educate audiences virtually as well as in person.

The scope of Mint Blockchain ambassador initiatives Web3 and NFT enthusiasts from all walks of life. Dynamic advocates with strong social media presence and passion for new technology will play a key role in driving education programs for the Mint Blockchain ecosystem. And a key highlight of the Ambassador Program 2.0 will be the emphasis on digital content creation by ambassadors and building online communities that transcend borders, as much as on hosting IRL workshops and hackathons in their local communities.

What activities are included?

As an advocate of the largest L2 protocol for NFT industry, ambassadors are primarily tasked with the growth and development of the Mint ecosystem through education programs. This may include activities such as (but not limited to):

  • Online content creation: Producing high-quality technical and non-technical content, ecosystem related updates, etc.

  • Online events and meet-ups: Organizing and hosting online events, virtual meet-ups and AMAs.

  • Community Engagement: Fostering discussions and providing support on social media platforms, activating community participation through IRL meet-ups and local events.

  • Developer Onboarding: Helping developers onboard by facilitating developer tooling, technical workshops and hackathons, collaborating with the developer community to create tools and resources.

Why be a part?

The Ambassador Program is a great opportunity to leverage Mint community support to grow your social media presence and portfolio while helping the ecosystem thrive. By joining the program, you will have the benefit of:

  • Presenting Mint Blockchain in your local community as an official ambassador

  • Working closely with Ecosystem’s biggest protocols

  • Networking with key players in the community

  • Enhance digital content creation, community management, and leadership skills

  • And becoming a part of a rapidly growing L2 ecosystem

Who Should Apply?

If you are passionate about Mint Blockchain and interested in creating an impact through social media presence and community engagement, this program is for you! Applications are open to all Web3 and NFTs enthusiasts.

Apply Today!

The Mint Ambassador Program 2.0 represents dedication to fostering a more vibrant ecosystem of builders and users worldwide. By becoming an ambassador, you will enjoy the full opportunity to organize and host local in-person events, develop content, build ecosystem tools, and learn more about Mint Blockchain.

Apply here to join the Ambassador program and embark on this transformative journey to shape the future of Mint, NFTs and Web3.

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