A new era: from MintKudos to DeForm

The tldr;

We’re sunsetting Mintkudos, but it’s going come back more powerful than ever… just in a different form. 😉

Our history

MintKudos was launched in early 2022 and quickly caught fire as a way to engage with a community. Hundreds of thousands of NFTs were given out using MintKudos for completing courses, attending workshops, speaking at events, and winning competitions. During development, our team realized that people had trouble sending NFTs to their community because it’s hard to collect verified addresses from an online community without running into unbearable amounts of false addresses, spam, and typos.

At an ETH Global hackathon, we decided to solve this problem by building DeForm, a platform that lets you ask questions and collected verified wallet addresses. The incredible market response made us realize that this product was critically missing from the market. Today, our team of five works full-time and provides needed support for MintKudos.

Why we’re sunsetting

Recently, it’s come to our attention that our use of “Kudos” is violating another trademark. After carefully weighing our options, our team has decided to sunset the MintKudos product. But don’t worry, we’ll soon be bringing back a version that’s better than ever. Read on for more.

Our commitment to you

The industry is early, but our team is committed to ship useful, creative, engaging features that will shape the future of marketing from lead generation to community nurturing. To start with, we’ll be taking the best parts of NFT minting from MintKudos and marrying it to the power of DeForm. With this integration, anyone will be able to craft elevated signup forms, allowlists, and surveys that send beautiful NFTs to responders. This evolution will empower creatives to build the next generation internet-native community experiences — from building product launch waitlists, forms, and allowlists, to running quizzes and giveaways, conducting community research in ways ways that weren’t possible before.

DeForm, the new era

As the team behind MintKudos and DeForm, we work with industry leaders every day to build the infrastructure that will power the future of community engagement. To us, it's only a matter of time before NFTs become a key part of every organization's marketing toolset. Because of blockchain's technological innovation, it's going to become infinitely easier for creators, businesses, and brands to partner together and create net new consumer experiences that weren't possible before—built with new creative mediums on a net new open financial infrastructure.

It’s not the end of an era, but rather an exciting continuation.

Learn more about us at https://www.deform.cc/
Learn more about us at https://www.deform.cc/

What you should do next

For existing partners of MintKudos:

  • Please visit this page for how we’re handling our sunsetting operations (timelines and recommended alternatives)

If you’d like to keep working with us for a no-code NFT minting solution:

  • Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch!
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