Fuel Mainnet 2024: What to Expect from Fuelet?

This winter Fuel Blockchain announced its mainnet launch in 2024. By that time, network dapps should be ready to present their beta versions. Fortunately, Fuelet Wallet has already launched its app! However, there’s so much more to come.. in this article, we will explore the current and upcoming features - so you will have an idea of what to expect from the Fuelet team this year and beyond.

When introducing Fuelet Wallet we could have started with a few statements:

  • It is non-custodial (c’mon, we’re in crypto!).

  • It is available for iOS, Android, and browsers like Chrome, Brave, etc. We are the first mobile app on Fuel Network. Cheers to the Face ID auth!

  • Of course, with Fuelet you can send and receive TRx.

  • You can analyze your NFT portfolio.

  • You can connect to dapps on Fuel: Thunder, Spark, Farming Game, Common Ground, BakoSafe multi-sig, and Sepoila Bridge are already on the list.

Fuelet Basic Features
Fuelet Basic Features

We could also say Fuelet is a gateway to the Fuel Network or an Account Abstraction wallet. But that’s pretty standard, even banal.

We believe that Fuelet is no ordinary wallet. Why? Let us explain.

Spoiler: the Fuel Network and its features play a big role in Fuelet development.

Seedless Account Security

Seed phrases aren’t safe enough. They’re hard to remember, can be stolen or lost, scare away newbies, and are annoying to fill in. So, we’ve adopted seedless security measures powered by Fuel’s Network Account Abstraction*, offering more effective solutions than just 12 random words on paper.

*Account Abstraction is a feature that lets developers set up the rules for when a transaction is considered valid without relying on external smart contracts. This allows for more flexibility and control over how transactions are handled. Find an easy explanation of AA here.

Savings Vault and Hardware Signer*

Fuelet Wallet will implement two features powered by Secure Enclave, a special chip that generates your private keys and protects them with biometrics in your iPhone. That ensures that no one except you can access them. Fuel’s Account Abstraction with predicates allows you to use it to keep your funds secure.

How does it work? A traditional private key and a seed phrase for the account protected by the Secure Enclave are kept inside the chip, so even you or Apple won’t know them! For every transaction (TRx) you make, your identity must be confirmed through your biometrics: either your Face ID or fingerprint (thanks to the Secure Enclave!). Therefore, it’s much harder for anyone to gain unauthorized access. Pretty impressive security, right?

One of our in-development features, the Savings Vault, acts like a high-security savings account within the Fuelet mobile app. It’s completely private and cannot interact with other dapps, making it a secure place to store a more significant amount of crypto assets. You can move assets into this vault and transfer them out to your main accounts when needed.

The Hardware Signer feature extends Secure Enclave's protection to your dapp transactions, requiring your phone for biometric approval of all the TRx executed.

In case you lose your iPhone, we are creating the recovery wallet for your account protected by Secure Enclave. It will be the ordinary wallet with a seed phrase, and its only function will be to initiate the recovery process - and, after a certain period, withdraw funds from your Savings Vault account. Meanwhile, the Secure Enclave owner will receive notifications on recovery attempts.

Another option to protect yourself from losing your account if your phone is lost is to set up the Social Recovery feature where Hardware Signer or Savings Vault will be just one of the guardians.

*The features are in development

Social Recovery with guardians, 2FA, and multi-device*

It’s the non-custodial method to retrieve your wallet without a seed phrase. Endorsed by Vitalik Buterin himself.

Set up social recovery by choosing “guardians” who approve transactions to untrusted addresses and facilitate account recovery. Guardians can be trusted friends or family, your other devices, or Fuelet’s 2FA authentication via email or phone. Choose as many as you want, with a minimum of two guardians.

When social recovery is active and you lose a key, guardians can modify the signing key to grant access. You’ll never lose access to your wallet this way.

Big thanks to the Fuel network for convenient UTXO and predicates making this possible!

*The feature is in development

Cloud Backup

This method, sometimes called a centralized approach to seed phrase storage, is not connected to AA. When you back up your seed phrase, it’s stored in iCloud for iOS or an equivalent for Android, like Google Drive within the Fuelet wallet app. This is convenient for newbies but does pose risks related to centralized entities. You can read more about them here, but let’s be honest - the chances that Google gets hacked are lower than those of losing a seed phrase.

Making Transactions More Convenient

Crypto's daily routine consists of transactions - and sometimes it’s overwhelming. You may even feel like a robot doing the same tasks repeatedly for hours. In Fuelet, we’ll save you time and money with a smoother UX automating those operations with the Fuel’s AA features:

Paying gas in any token*

Traditionally, gas fees on blockchains like Ethereum have been paid using the native network token. If you don’t have a native token, that can be very inconvenient. To solve the problem, you have to transfer ETH from another account to your wallet. That may require a lot of additional steps from calling your friends or buying assets on CEX to trading on DEX. ±30 minutes of your time spent just to send a TRx.

With Fuel and Fuelet, there’s no need to keep the native token on your account—you can pay gas fees with the one you have!

Batch transactions*

Buy multiple NFTs at once or unite multiple TRx in one instead of proceeding with them individually. A smaller gas fee for only one transaction instead of a few is an advantage!

Sponsored transactions*

Thanks to this feature, you can interact with dapps even if you don’t have enough tokens for the gas fee. That allows dapps to gain more users - and you can test the network properly! Also, paying gas by and for individual users is an option.

*The features are in development

Alternative Security Measures

Sometimes, creative solutions are needed to overcome risks. Hundreds of research and brainstorming hours have led us to these security solutions.

Daily Limits

We should adopt the best Web2 practices for Web3! Setting up a daily limit ensures that even if your seed phrase leaks, no one can drain all your funds.


If you'd rather keep some of your funds on a separate device but would love to keep an eye on them, add the necessary addresses to the watchlist and check it out wherever you go. Fewer worries, better sleep.

Plans to take over Unite the Network: Fuelet Super-App

We see a Super-App as a concept that underscores deep integration with ecosystem Dapps. And we mean DEEP integration. For example, you will be able to buy NFTs on Thunder and domains on Fuel Name Service or trade on Sprkfi Spot directly from the wallet. Also, in the case of the FNS domains - you will be able to use them for sending transactions. No need to go to other sites, log in multiple times, or approve transactions… Just a few clicks inside your Fuelet Wallet account.

One more advantage here is faster ecosystem development: dapps won’t need to build those mobile apps! And you won’t have to download more of them. Our team will take care of that.

And to Take Over FVM Blockchains…

On the 21st of February 2024, Fuel Network announced the launching of Fuel’s Rollup OS. It is the ultimate roll-up stack that addresses all the current limitations of Ethereum rollups and alt-L1s, as well as the liquidity fragmentation of modular stacks.

Rollup OS interoperability will allow us to be the wallet for all the chains that will use Fuel. With the growth of Fuel, our wallet will get access to a growing cross-chain community of developers, users, and projects. This means, at least, a bigger user base, more liquidity, and more collaboration opportunities for us - but, of course, the benefits won’t be limited only to it.

With support for local fee markets, transaction gas costs on Fuel will remain minimized. This, plus superior TRS speed will give Fuel almost infinite scalability.

Final Remarks

In Fuelet, we have already gathered a large community around our security and user experience concepts. More than 100,000 total users trust our team. And over 55,000 people on X (formerly Twitter), and 71,000 members on Discord can prove that.

If you share our values, you can download our wallet here and join our social networks.

We are open to suggestions and feedback about our products.

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