slow cinematics

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The world comes into existence because we look at it.

“The body is our general medium for having a world.” – Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Three one-minute-long experimental films by misha de ridder, examining time as a dimension of space.


The cloudscape ‘kef ams’ is a view from a window of an airplane flying from Keflavík Airport in Iceland to Schiphol Airport in The Netherlands.
Wait for it.


‘nightingale’ is set on the French–Spanish border in the Mediterranean Sea at dusk, featuring the lucid song of a nightingale at the bedroom window.
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In ‘epilog’, at sunset, a lone cloud moves slowly behind a mountain, the cry of a bird echoes.

‘epilog’ is a fragment from de ridder’s film ‘verwirklichungen’, a minimalist 21-minute film intended for screening in a cinema, offering an immersive experience. The film consists of five chapters, sound plays a significant role, featuring music composed and performed by Swiss musicians Daniela Larkin and Thomas Lüscher.

‘verwirklichungen’ reflects on processes in the landscape over time. These processes gain meaning through our act of looking – the world comes into existence because we look at it. In that sense, a screening is a performance in which the audience is the performer. The film focusses on almost imperceptible movements of clouds, starting very earthly with light and shadow play, developing into a choreography staged before a mountain face. It’s exemplary of de ridder's systematic, almost scientific approach, yet the result is anything but scientific; it is ethereal, arresting, at times bordering on abstraction.
Slow cinematics.

Collectors of these slow cinematics are entitled to an 4K hi-res copy on request.

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Keep an eye on as it showcases an evolving series of experiments by misha de ridder, all minted on the $misha token contract.

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