generative by nature
misha de ridder
April 4th, 2023

the unreal reality of spring

collectible non-fungible photographic jpgs
by misha de ridder

in the spring of 2021, misha de ridder photographed the colours shifting in the landscape of the Stille Kern (silent core), a rewilded area in an artificial forest in a polder in the Netherlands. from yellow-brown at the end of winter to bright fresh green in spring. that spring, for de ridder it was urgently necessary to embrace the positive beauty of reality.

generative by nature was launched a week before March 1st 2022, the beginning of spring. initially, the website consisted of a blank grid of 36 cells. in each cell a clock counted down to the moment of the mint, corresponding to the time the photo was taken. the specific photo would be minted on the Tezos blockchain as non-fungible token and become visible and tradable. for the duration of three months, each of the 36 photos appeared one by one, reviving the coming of spring. the generative by nature website was built in collaboration with Dutch designers Moniker on top of the api of objkt.

2 March 15:53
2 March 15:53

natural systems are self-organising and independent actors. organisms found in nature represent a wide variety of new formal solutions far beyond the imagination of even the most prolific human beings. each of these unique organisms is also uniquely adapted to the functional requirements of its environment. nature can produce an endless variety of forms that are both new and high performing, ever different, ever changing.

30 March 13:11
30 March 13:11

nature is the teacher of the arts. it may be impossible for humans to ever replicate its mystical algorithm in a computer. it may not be necessary. it's already there. embrace the positive beauty of reality!

26 April 11:43
26 April 11:43

generative by nature captures the magic story of the coming of spring of 2021 archived on the blockchain for eternity.

generative by nature website
generative by nature website

contract KT1RXBDLtX3kqjQx6sNHygSQtS2q1ghf4G4U

mishaderidder.tez / objkt

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