MetaBox ReTech

Dear MetaBoxers, MetaBox has always been committed to bringing better user experience and product performance. We will make a series of changes and upgrades in October for the upcoming new MetaBox!

We love the idea of Regenerative Economy, and owe to it we put forward one concept called Regenerative Technology (abbreviation ReTech) MetaBox is a product pursuing and cherishing every update and innovation. Let’s get regenerated oftentimes! # MetaBox ReTech!

The MetaBox ReTech includes the following points:

  1. UI interface beautification and UX redesign:
    The new MetaBox will have a more fluent and beautiful UI, easier to understand, and more user-friendly logic to bring a better user experience.

  2. Update and restructure the overall architecture:
    After the function points are audited and determined, the overall project will be reconstructed, including the front-end, contract and service reconstruction. Remove some redundant information to make the overall interaction lighter and more intuitive.

  3. Launch of MetaBox official website
    MetaBox will update the official website UI with a new look, update technical functions, and optimize and enrich the user experience.

  4. Launch IPFS storage support
    As a free distributed file storage, IPFS is very popular. In order to make MetaBox storage more cost-effective, we support users to choose the storage mode of files. Some static resources can be stored in IPFS and then accessed through MetaBox.

In order to thank all MetaBoxers for supporting our exploration in web3, after the launch of the new version, every box of users who have used MetaBox before will be returned to 1ICP (except the boxes given in the previous activity). Let's focus on and look forward to the arrival of the new version of MetaBox!

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