The v0.2.0 of ICSCAN

We have released ICSCAN v0.2.0. The updates include the completion of IC data and the addition of NFT information.

1.Update of IC data


a. For dissolving neurons, we added a Suspended state, where the age of the suspended dissolving neuron will restart the calculation, which is not shown in the dashboard:

b.The Account & Transaction List add charts of changes over time in relation to transactions and accounts.

c. The Account Detail section adds the icp-related chart for the Account.

2. A new section on NFT-related data has been added.

a. Overview: Overview consists of three sections.

The NFT general information in the IC Ecosystem(market cap, volume, collection amount, instance amount, holder amount.etc.)

Collection information, containing NFT collections of TOP5 in different time periods sorted by volume and TX, and Collection list information.

Top Sale NFT instance, the list of the best-selling NFT in a selected time period.

  • b. Collection Detail: Specific information for each collection, including five modules

    Basic information of collection: includes basic on-chain data, off-chain social data and the links to the market.

Analysis Data: the basic analytical data for specific collection:

  • Avg Price, floor price, maximum Price, minimum price chart in a selected time range.
  • Changes in transaction amount and volume for the collection in the selected time frame. The turnover rate of instance in the collection.
  • Changes of holder and trader, the distribution of accounts holding different numbers of NFT, and holding amounts of the top accounts in a given time frame.
  • Holder list of NFT collections.
  • NFT list
  • Transaction List: Here we get data from multiple NFT data sources, such as canister, github and so on, including not only sell transactions, but also mint and transfer transactions, transfer refers to the direct transfer of NFT transactions without a trading market.

c.NFT instance detail:Basic information of a NFT, including prices and transactions.

d.In the Account, we have added NFT-related information in two sections**:**

  • NFT holding list
  • Related transaction information

e. Search function: users can search NFT name in the search bar and jump to the corresponding collection page or canister’s detail page



ICSCAN v0.2.0 improves the plate of IC data while adding NFT-related data, and we connect them through Account. In the future, we will continue to link the data of each track in the IC ecosystem around Account and Canister to perfect the function of ICSCAN as a data platform, provide support to users and other projects in the IC ecosystem.

We aim to be the best data platform in the IC ecosystem, and hope to build IC better.

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