ICSCAN,the entry to the IC ecosystem.

Welcome, now we gain the entry into the IC ecosystem.

Compared with Bitcoin and Ethereum, in such a short time, although the application has not developed yet, the size of state of IC is already very large. The amount of data in IC is incomparable to any other blockchain, and this gap will grow exponentially with the development of the IC ecosystem. And there are no feasible and high efficiency explorers in the IC ecosystem. Due to the good performance, low cost, low latency and other characteristics of IC, we can see IC might be the most likely way to achieve Web3.

We are trying to be the best explorer in the IC ecosystem. And it is not only a explorer.

Product Introduction

ICSCAN is a browser in the IC ecosystem. What we want to do can be divided into two directions in general:

l Data collection and display

IC is the most likely way to achieve Web3, because IC has good performance, low cost and other characteristics. It is able to implement the front and back ends as well as storage on the chain, making it possible for DApp to be fully on the chain as well as decentralized Web2 applications. Therefore, the amount of data in IC is incomparable to any other blockchain, and this gap will grow exponentially with the development of IC ecosystem. However, due to the technical characteristics of ic, on-chain data is not completely public and users cannot view their own public data as well as that of other users in a unified location. ICSCAN wants to provide a window for users to view data in the IC ecosystem easily and quickly. The types of data can be divided into the following areas.

a. Icon-chain data: IC system related data including: subnet, principal neurons, ledger and etc.

b. NFT data: all nft related information in IC.

c. DeFi data: the data related to Defi project in IC.

d. DApp data: DApp-related data in IC is the main part we want to do, compared to the above three types of data. DApp data is more complicated, more complex structure, more data, more difficult to collect and organize, but the potential possibilities and the probability of generating new value based on DApp can be high.

Collect different types of informations around the accounts and canisters.

l Data analysis

Nevertheless, it just beyond an explorer. We help you dig the value behind data. In the information age, data is the means of production. Since IC can support applications like traditional web2 to be chained, a large amount of data will be generated in IC, and based on the data collected in the scan, different algorithms and protocols will be used to organize and analyze the data to generate new values.

ICSCAN would start from an explorer and evolve into a data platform which deals with the large data on IC, dig new value of these data and provides various service to both users and projects.

These come with the logic structure of ICSCAN.

Lastest progress

As we have finish version v0.1.0 beta, as long as we can advance ICSCAN step by step, it is hard for others to catch up with us. There various technical problems we have deal with during our development.

ICSCAN v0.1.0 beta

ICSCAN displays the following five types of data.


We only display the active canisters amount in list subnet page and the canisters in each subnet.


In the canister detail page, user can not only query canister but also call through wallet (now we only support plug wallet and we would support more wallet in the future) or an anonymous account. Additionally, we display the controllers of a canister and the canisters controlled by a canister.


We collect both genesis neurons and normal neurons. In neuron detail page, we display the controller of a neuron. As for we get the normal neurons from ledger transactions, so we can get the account of a normal neuron and user can find the related transactions of a neuron.


We display the neurons and canisters controlled by a principal


Now we only show the balance and transactions of an account. In the future, we would show the NFT and Defi related to an account.

Recently what we made effort to optimize the part of IC, boost account collection building and collect the information of NFT. Users can read the proposal information and neurons voting information. In the website, we displays the tag for canister, account, principal and so on. As for transaction part, we reconstruct the traditional transaction receipt and add more details in it. Besides, it can connect more wallets for users easier management. (e.g stoic wallet)

Our team

Most members in our team are from the top universities in China and have several years of blockchain experience. Moreover, we also have some partners from community and universities who give us much technical, academic and publicity support.

We have focus on IC ecosystem for about 1 year, so we have better understand on IC and also take a good relationship with community, officials, other projects and developers.


Team leader

Blockchain developer, master of Cybersecurity of SJTU, has deep research on consensus protocol and cryptography background.


Blockchain developer

Master of CS of SJTU, has deep research on AI, machine learning and also has more than 1 year blockchain experience.

Liu Kang

Back-end developer

Master of Cybersecurity of SJTU, has several years back-end and blockchain experience. Toke part in public chain development in 2018-2020.


Front-end developer

Master of CS, he has several years of front-end and blockchain experience . Toke part in public chain development in 2019-2020.


Product manager

She has several years blockchain experience.


Operation specialist

She has solid working experiences in the fast-paced Fintech industry, focusing on our community operations and user growth.


We openly commit and update for technical milestones here. Our main theme is always optimizing performance of ICSCAN as we strives to build a good explorer.

2022 Q2

l Internet Computer data (finished)

l NFT data (EXT & imark standard early May)

2022 Q3

l Defi data (DIP20 & IS standard early June)

l Support top project in IC ecosystem

l Open add tag function to users

2022 Q4

l Deal with the data using technical methods (e.g machine learning, AI and so on) to dig new value

l Provide data service for users (both clients and projects)



iMart is the first metaverse curation entrance deployed on IC (the Internet Computer); Containing picture, music, land and other mutified digital assets, it is going to be a user-friendly one-stop NFT marketplace. With IC's fast, convenient and low-cost network services, users can create, mint, trade and display NFT here freely.


As part of the strategic partnership, Databox and us will cooperate on a range of NFT projects. We will implement ICSCAN canister and provide technology infrastructure based on their proposal, in order to support their NFT standard in the future.

And there you are, all above are our features and development on ICSCAN. In the end, it is also fortunately to work together with our team and security partners for the support and worthwhile endeavor. Let us know what is your favourites and unlisted features you want us to build on in comments!


Twitter: @ic_scan


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