MetaBox: DataBox & ISP
July 16th, 2022


  • In the complex and diverse blockchain world, users don't have a place that is entirely their own.
  • There are too many wallet addresses to effectively locate your encrypted world identity, and also inconvenient for management.
  • Users do not have the sovereignty over content distribution applications, but only the usage or governance rights.
  • Users lack an available online (secure) terminal to manage their assets and data.
  • In the Web3.0, where decentralization and ownership count, people do no have their own room. Nowadays, mainstream Web3 products are just the extension of platform economy, lacking true Web3 product around "ownership". Users do not have their own personal space guaranteed by smart contracts, let alone their own real DIDs. We aim to build a series of individual spaces with full ownerships. This space will provide services of different scenarios, such as socialfi, data-management, defi, NFT, etc.
  • Users can own and manage their data and assets through MetaBox. Through data precipitation and asset self-management in Web3, MetaBox has become a tool for them to build their own DID.

Product Introduction

MetaBox provides Boxes based on Box Protocol. Here, you can create your Databox - self managed data box, personal data storage, which provides the functions of saving, acquiring and sharing files on the chain. At the same time, you can choose to encrypt and upload files to ensure the security of personal data.

We also develop ISP (IC Storage Protocol), providing ToB storage services, It is mainly for the project side. (It will be launched and illustrated in later articles. If your project is interested in learning further details in advance, please jump into the discord and contact us!)

Functional highlights

  1. Box management
    1. Update Box name and its private/public state
    2. Comprehensive Box status management
  2. Condition monitoring
    1. Display of MetaBox balances and storage usage
    2. The running state and storage amount of the created Box
    3. Top up cycles with ICP and XTC
  3. File encryption
    1. AES key is generated locally and uploaded after file encryption. At the same time, the local key will encrypt the AES key again to ensure file security.
    2. When downloading the ciphertext, users can use the private key to decrypt the AES key, which will then be used to decrypt the ciphertext.
    3. The local key can be exported and reset. After resetting, it failed to open the encrypted file which is uploaded by the original key.
  4. File sharing
    1. Through the generated URL, users can access, view and download files shared by other users.
    2. Through the public DataBox, users can directly access, view and download public files through the domain name.

Architecture Diagram

Users can create and manage DataBoxes and Profile by logging in to MetaBox through II. Many DataBoxes can be created, but only one Profile can be created.


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