UniSat Tutorial: BTC NFT Minting Guide⚡️!

This article uses the minting of .stats domain NFT as an example to introduce the BTC NFT minting process.


  1. Download the UniSat wallet to store NFT, as it can recognize assets from the Ordinals protocol.

  2. Download the Wallet of Satoshi(or use the Alby browser extension wallet , the principle is the same), which we'll use later to process Lightning Network transactions for faster speeds.

  3. Log in to the CryptoGas.shop the Lightning Network recharge page at https://cryptogas.shop/ln-btc to top up your Wallet of Satoshi with Lightning Network BTC. This website supports purchasing with any wallet and any crypto, is KYC-free, and is very convenient.

For the specific steps for 2 and 3, refer to these tutorials

Using the Wallet of Satoshi

Using the Alby browser extension wallet

Downloading the UniSat

1.Download the UniSat browser extension wallet to store NFT.

Official website: https://unisat.io/

We recommend creating a new wallet and securely storing the mnemonic phrase, then proceed to the next step.

This step is crucial. The receiving address for minting Ordinals NFT must be in Taproot format (starting with bc1p). So, we choose to create a Taproot format address (starting with bc1p) to receive your NFT.

Using the UniSat minting tool

Official website: https://unisat.io/inscribe

Select .sats

Enter the desired domain name, such as: bbb.sats

Click Next, check the name you want to mint. The next step is crucial: the receiving address must be in Taproot format (starting with bc1p), otherwise, your NFT may be lost.

Find the Taproot address for receiving Ordinals NFT in your UniSat wallet, as shown in the image below. Select the Ordinals Taproot address (starting with bc1p) and copy this address to the UniSat address field above.

Then, choose the fee rate. We generally select Custom to ensure the minting process is completed as quickly as possible.

Lightning Network ⚡️

Choose MixPay for payment, which supports Lightning Network payments and is the fastest option.

MixPay supports various payment methods. You can use any wallet and any crypto for payment.

Here we'll first introduce Lightning Network BTC payments.

As shown below, open the Wallet of Satoshi app on your phone, scan the QR code directly, and the payment is completed within seconds!

(If you're using the Alby wallet, simply copy your Lightning Network payment address and proceed with the payment.)

After payment is complete, you'll see the following screen, indicating successful payment.

Wait a moment, typically 10-30 minutes (depending on BTC network block confirmation), and you'll see the BTC NFT in your UniSat wallet. Congratulations, you've completed the BTC NFT minting process!

Of course, in addition to supporting Lightning Network BTC payments, MixPay also supports various other payment methods.

Here, we'll introduce a few of them:

Binance Pay

Method 1: Easily pay with Binance Pay.

Open the Binance App on your mobile phone and scan the QR code to complete the payment.

Other more payment methods (just read)

Method 2: You can also choose to pay with MixPay+ Wallets. For example, as shown in the image below, you can open the MetaMask APP on your mobile phone and scan the QR code.

In the MetaMask app on your phone, select the crypto you want to pay with, such as USDT (ERC20). Finally, follow the prompts, continue clicking 'MetaMask Pay', and complete the payment.

Method 3: Choose to pay with Crypto, and select any crypto you wish to pay with, such as USDT (ERC20).

The payment method can be chosen as:

1.Connect Wallet. You can connect wallets like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or others via WalletConnect for payment.

2. Scan to Pay. Open your wallet, such as MetaMask, Trust, Rainbow, imToken, or 1inch, and scan the QR code to pay.

3.View Address.Then, make a transfer payment using your wallet.

So, isn't it quite simple? You've now successfully minted a .sats domain NFT on the BTC network. Go ahead and give it a try!

For more info, Please follow Twitter: @MixPayProtocol for the latest updates.

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