Challenges that designers face and how they view mentorship.

We just talked to several experienced lead designers and they shared their thoughts on some challenges that designers face and how they view mentorship. Here are some insights. Mentoring in design concerns three primary issues

№1. Specific issues:

"I’ve been stuck with a specific issue, how can I solve it?"

Solution: Share this issue with a mentors with the expectation of feedback and hypotheses that you haven’t considered.

№2. Project consulting:

"I need help to repackage, rethink, or sell an idea."

Solution: mentor evaluates the entire project, target audience, and market. This work is done in close collaboration with the mentor to finish up the concept and get it ready for delivery.

№3. How to grow:

"I have basic skills, but I can’t break into further skill development. I need advice."

Solution: mentor shows different role models and options. Also, shares some practical observations and discuss XX tracks forward.


Share your thoughts about mentors for designers and how to help them become better!

Team Mntr.

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