Giving NEAR Blockchain a go

I wanted to see what other blockchains were like for app development experiences, so I have been waking up at 1am nightly for the past few days to participate in the Encode Club’s NEAR bootcamp. The videos are published on their YouTube channel, if you’re keen to take a look.

I will be honest, my day job has me diving deep into more Solidity and Ethereum development that has left not left much time outside the class to dedicate to this so far, but hopefully my weekend will give me the time to explore and get more value from the experience. It is definitely a bit to wrap your head around if you’re only now starting in blockchain development, but the guide for this bootcamp, Sherif, is awesome at making things simple and breaking things down for us. He’s not just a very experienced core developer for Near, but he’s made sure there have been a tonne of resources from articles to code samples to videos, that will prove more than helpful once you’re willing to put in the time to diving in and learning.

I’m probably being too ambitious, but I’m hoping by the end I can wrap my head around at least two key concepts:

  1. Setting up a DAO infrastructure by understanding samples from the SputnikDAO code repo
  2. Understanding how to get a pricing oracle feed using the samples from the Flux protocol code repo as guidance.
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