Scaffold-Eth - A quickstart worth knowing for ETH Developers

As someone new to Web3 development, but coming with many years of experience in tech and the Web2 world, I wanted to get all the pieces in place for innovating on a new idea, without losing steam for my idea from the usual pain of manual setup. That process in itself is good for grokking, but the creative energy surround that “aha” idea should be spent proving a thesis by building a quick MVP or POC of the idea, not the repeatable boilerplate infrastructure required to get that idea actioned. scaffold-eth is a project I have started experimenting with since I have been seeing it for awhile, and after one of the more recent videos with its creator, Austin Griffith, a very energetic and really smart dude who always gets me excited by him being excited, I decided to dive in. It’s been very promising, there is alot to unpack, as there are many branches with alot of starters for specific use cases. Right now I’m starting with the main branch, as I explore I’ll write more on this

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