Introducing the New Moonwell: Lending Made Simple

Today, we are proud to unveil the new Moonwell. With a fully redesigned app and a bold, new brand identity, we’re transforming how you interact with the onchain economy. Discover how Moonwell can help you leverage what’s yours and embrace the power of simplicity. 

Our Evolving Journey

Over the past eighteen months, Moonwell has solidified its reputation as a reliable lending and borrowing protocol, boasting the highest TVL within the Polkadot ecosystem. Our global community of DeFi enthusiasts has wholeheartedly adopted this trustless and decentralized financial infrastructure, recognizing it as an essential public good.

However, the landscape is evolving. As more individuals venture onchain for the first time and recognize the potential benefits that await them, it's essential that projects adapt to meet people where they are. This necessity has led the Moonwell community on an ambitious quest - to forge a new brand identity that embodies our collective mission, completely transforming the Moonwell application in the process. The result is a streamlined, user-friendly platform that makes lending and borrowing simple.

Lending Made Simple 

Onchain financial tools like decentralized lending and borrowing have the ability to empower people, acting as stepping stones to new opportunities. However, they're often buried under complex and confusing systems. We’re here to rewrite this narrative. In just a few clicks on Moonwell, you can seamlessly lend, borrow, and claim rewards—while maintaining complete control over your digital assets.

Our intuitive interface provides transparency into available markets, your full transaction history, and a detailed view of your portfolio—all at your fingertips. We've also integrated governance features like onchain voting directly into the app, empowering our community to guide the future trajectory of Moonwell.

Onchain applications should match the intuitiveness and functionality of the traditional online world. With our redesign, Moonwell is delivering on that vision.

Empowering Everyone, Everywhere

Onchain applications should not only be user-friendly but also universally accessible. Often, many popular applications built with the intention of supporting an open and global cryptoeconomy treat features like language support as an afterthought. Moonwell offers an integrated language dropdown, enabling the application to be translated into one’s preferred language.

Moonwell is also backed by an international community of moderators and enthusiasts, ready to guide you on your onchain journey. By supporting global participation and accessibility, we help increase economic freedom and empowerment for all.

A New Logo For A New Era

Moonwell is more than an application; it's a community of innovators, dreamers, and builders working to shape an equitable and inclusive onchain economy where everyone has a stake and a voice. 

The dual crescent moons in our logo represent the symbiosis between lenders and borrowers, symbolic of the unified community that powers Moonwell and the boundless potential we have when we work together.

The Journey Continues: Onward to Base Mainnet

But the story doesn't end here. This redesign is just the first step toward greater inclusivity and accessibility. Soon, Moonwell will deploy on Base mainnet - Coinbase's new Ethereum L2 network built to empower the next generation of onchain developers, products, and adoption. By leveraging Base, Moonwell will welcome new onchain adopters while remaining firmly rooted in our core values of security, transparency, and decentralization.

Your participation and support are integral to our collective progress and success. Join our community on Discord, follow us on Twitter, and explore our new app at The journey continues, and we're thrilled to have you join us. 

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